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Week 5, Run 3 - Tick!


Well i never, that wasn't so bad at all.

The night before the run i went to bed worrying about it. How can i possibly go from 2x 8 minutes to 20 minutes, that's ridiculous surely?

Up on Saturday morning, read a post from sarahvictoria in the same predicament and pulled on the running shoes.

Tried to get some positive thinking and big deep breaths going during the warm-up walk and off we go.... the first few minutes were a bit messy but after that it was ok, really, honestly!!

The ageing body seemed to say 'oh well, despite all of the aches and pains i've given him, he's obviously not going to give up, so i may as well jump in and give him a hand'

And there it is, 20 minutes later and i'm still going and feeling fine.

Maybe this plan does work after all ........ :)

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Yay! Thank you for this inspiring post. I will be attempt mine either today or tomorrow and it's good to hear someone with the same thoughts as me.

Well done! I hope to follow in your footsteps too.

Every time I read this sort of post I get a bit less scared of my future runs. You're doing fab!


Whoo hoo! Well done. I love the idea of your body surrendering to your grit and determination. Feels great, doesn't it?

Haha superb, I'm so pleased for you, it's great isn't it, and it gets better really quickly now!


Well done!! It may seem unbelievable at times but the program does work - against all the silly things our minds keep telling us ;)

Happy running!


Certainly does...I was exactly the same at this point.. got hardly any sleep the night before I ran...!

Well done you.. a huge milestone passed now and it is onwards and upwards..! :)


Hooray! I bet you are feeling great!

Fantastic. You have done it and you are now officially a runner. Laura says. I know, it's surprising how your body seems to adjust after the first few mins and then whoah.... you can keep going...

The program does work and it does get better now every run. You will start to notice some toning now too which is a bonus... :) well done

Yay! Go linkin! Makes those 5 weeks feel so worthwhile, doesn't it?

Congratulations!! And thanks for posting this - it's very encouraging because I'm just at the same spot. Not having read ahead, I was pretty disturbed when the times jumped at three minutes and then at five. Didn't think I could do 5 mins x 3 and then the very next run was 8 mins x 2. Yesterday. I was sure I couldn't do it and decided to allow myself to pause for a few seconds if need be.

I went VERY SLOW and to my amazement I got through it absolutely fine.

Then I clicked on the next one and I see tomorrow I have to run 20 mins non-stop. Panic stations!

I've never even run 5 minutes at a time in my entire life - let alone 8, or 20...

So it's a huge relief to hear that someone else has just done it and the programme does work.

(I'm a very unfit 50-something woman. I do lift weights to prevent back problems but somehow I was still aerobically totally unfit and when I started even 60-90 seconds I felt I was about to die by the end of the 90 secs.)

Linkin in reply to kawena

Hi Kawena,

Move on with confidence, it really does work. 20 minutes seemed crazy to me, only a few days ago.

I've moved on such a long way since week one. I'm an unfit 49 and 11-12ths year-old who spends much of his time at his office desk (in fact, where i am right now!)

The Week 1 pain in my quads (see, i even know what they're called now) and the difficulty getting up and down the stairs afterwards is just a memory and there is no doubt that the program is working for me.

Now i've cracked the 20 minutes, i'm looking forward to completing the plan and then maybe doing a regular park-run. Although i've heard that my local park run is supposed to be particularly difficult due to the hills......

Onwards and upwards! :)

kawena in reply to Linkin

Thank you SO much. Today should be the day! So nice to hear the perspective even from a few days on and seeing the psychological change, as it were, as well as the physical!

Well done you - I'm a sitting-worker as well so I know exactly where you're coming from (including the quads...!)

Good luck and onwards and upwards as you say!


Ah lovely post well done !!


Brilliant ! That's a major milestone you have just overcome .

Well done , you're doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

Haha. Nice to see you read my post. Hope the feedback from the others helped you worry less. 🙃

The physical side really wasn't that bad was it? It was more the mental side and keeping it going. Ha, those last 2 minuets of the podcast probably went the slowest, eveeeeeer! )

I think it would have been even easier if it wasn't 30 degrees outside too. When I went out it won't from cloudy to a full on heat wave! (Typical Sydney weather!) 😝

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