First week post graduate running

I was elated to graduate c25k last saturday, it felt such a real achievement to be able to run for 30 mins non stop! But the magical 5k seemed a long way off! I started doing the 5k+ podcasts this week and started with the stepping stones one on Monday, I'm not sure how I managed it but actually covered less distance. I think I must have been taking smaller steps to try and keep the pace; I only covered 3.83k and was really disappointed. So this morning I set off using the stamina podcast and see how I got on running slightly longer with it fixed in my head I could stop at 30 mins if I was too puffed out. The 30 mins came and went and, although tired, I knew I could keep going the extra 5. As the podcast came to an end the garmin was telling me I was so close to the magical 5K so I kept going, I made it in 36.15. No land speed record any time soon but I am soooo chuffed that I actually ran it. My longest distance ever!!! Now to work on bringing that time down...........Watch this space!!

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  • That's brilliant! Its lovely when you get to reach your goal isn't it. It gives you a base to work on now if you want to reduce your time. Have you tried a Parkrun? I made myself do one once I could do 5k in under 40mins and now I love to go, and I find that running with others gives me a bit more speed. I'm down to 34mins now, so I'm getting there-slowly! Others here say that once you start running a bit further you will find your 5k time comes down, good luck x

  • Excellent! Nearly six months after graduating I still haven't hit the 36 minute mark for 5K and I've done three Parkruns so you are definitely ready for one!! You'll find you'll run a bit faster than on your own too just because of the adrenaline of competition. Let us know how it goes if you try one :-)

  • I have heard of parkrun but thought i would have to be a much faster runner to be able to take part! Will have to see if I can pluck up the courage to give it a go! Well done for sticking at your post graduate running and bringing your times down. Did you use the 5k+ podcasts or listen to your own music? I plan on using all 3 podcasts each week. Don't know if that's the right way to go, but the programme hasn't failed me yet so guess I should stick with it!! Thank you for your encouragement and good luck with your running :)

  • Well done - that's a better time than I can manage!

  • Many thanks Ullyrunner, I think the 5k+ podcasts will work for me. I wasn't sure which way to go post graduation- try to run faster or longer ie. b210k. Don't think my middle aged bones will like me too much if I try to run longer distances just yet. So I think I should try to focus on bringing the time down for 5 k - if I can!! Do you run a set 30 min or 5 k or longer?? Just interested to see what others have found useful ! Still feel I'm finding my way :)

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