W9R1 - I only went and did it!!!!!

Welcome to my graduation week!! I finally made it. I've just got back from my first grad run and I'm so happy I didn't give in to the gremlins. They were there again at 10 minutes, back at 18 and then again at 25. Each time I told them to get lost - or rather, I swore profusely but the intention was the same ;) - and somehow managed to keep going to the finish. I purposely didn't look at my watch until just before 28 minutes and found I was really near 5K, so I kicked in and what happens? Dry retching again lol. But there was NO way I was slowing down and I did my first sub-30 5K in 28:31 before finishing off at 30 and then coughing my guts up.

Back hurts, chest is a bit tight and I'm dripping with sweat and beetroot red but I just don't care. I DID it!!!!!


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  • WELL DONE FRAZ! This is brilliant, and your 5k time, wow! You are so close to graduation - enjoy the final 2 runs :)

  • I'll try. I have to say this has given me a huge boost of confidence so hopefully that will carry me through the final 2 runs and if they're slower then that's fine as I've met one goal tonight!

  • Wow wow wow! Back in the game Fraz! Well done marvellous stuff! :)

  • Fantastic time, Fraz! I'm dead jealous, my time is nowhere near this but the good news that its getting faster every time I do it (so far)! So by the law of averages eventually I hope to get to 5k in less than 30 mins. Best wishes for the rest of graduation week!

  • Thank you oona. I always thought I could do a sub 30 but really started to doubt myself. You'll get it, don't give up - I nearly did and really regret feeling so negative now. I guess I have no patience!!

  • Awesome, Fraz, so pleased for you (apart from the dry retching of course). You will be unstoppable for your remaining 2 runs . Well done!

  • I hope so Soozz *touches wood* :)

  • Oh my gosh your time is incredible! I've been graduated for 5 weeks and still my fastest is 33 or 34 minutes just cannot get it any lower! Well done enjoy it xxx

  • Thank you meggyann. My first (and only) 5k before this one was in W7 and I did it in 33 mins. Since then I've struggled and my pace has been erratic to say the least. But today I just somehow stuck to it and my splits are fairly even. All the times before when I've done this kind of pace, I've been in trouble so maybe I'm just getting used to it?

  • Yes probably! after all we all have a pace that is natural to us I guess? Hope you enjoy the next 2 30 minute runs :D

  • Well 'enjoy' isn't he exact word I'd use but hopefully I'll have less hassles with this week than the last two - which must have taken about a month or feels like it!!

  • Excellent time Fraz, really excellent. I have to say you've given your best to this programme from the very beginning and I'm delighted you're into your final week.

  • Awww thank you Chewy. That's a very thoughtful thing to say. Yep I think I have given my best to this - with a sizeable wobble towards the end!! Hopefully I can sustain this and finish on a really positive set of runs! :)

  • Snap - did the same run today as well, but no where near your time! Well done, and I hope the retching does not continue for you. I think I will be doing run 2 on Monday and then am going away for a few days, so Grad run will be whilst I am away. Good Luck on your 2 last runs!

  • Well done Fraz. Brilliant news. Keep up the good work. Only two more runs to go now! The gremlins will never beat you it's clear. Best of luck and remember ... keep running!

  • Well done Fraz73-that is such good news! That shiny badge is beckoning. I start week 9 on Monday-did a fantastic run 3 today week 8.

    Good luck and roll on Wednesday eh? :-)

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