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W9r3 - only went and did it! 🥳


I am immensely proud of myself which is something I find very difficult to say, but I was a non-runner, I hated running, cross country at school was my idea of hell. But I’ve graduated and can run 30 minutes non-stop. I’m slow and nowhere near 5k but I have done it!!

This programme really works, not only have I achieved the running time but I’ve actually enjoyed it, dare I say I may be slightly addicted. So much so I only had one rest day before today’s run when I know my body performs better after two rest days. It’s not an easy road, there have been some bad runs, stitches, muscle pain, failed runs (though they still count) that I’ve had to repeat, gritted teeth and tears of joy at what my body can now do. I feel slightly leaner, stronger and fitter, but I think most of all I feel happier and more content than I have in a long time.

My next goal is to get to a point where the 30 minutes feels comfortable 3 times a week and push onto the 5k distance. After that, who knows? I just want to thank all the people who have offered support and advice on here, it really means something and makes a difference.

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What a great post!

This is a milestone run and so richly deserved! Enjoy your evening 🍾


Well done you! Fantastic achievement time to celebrate ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽŠğŸ‘ğŸ¼ğŸ‘ğŸ¼ğŸ‘ğŸ¼ğŸ‘ğŸ¼ğŸ’ªğŸ»ğŸƒğŸ¼â€â™€ï¸ğŸƒâ€â™‚ï¸ğŸŽ“


A very inspiring post from you Maverick run, congratulations on completing run 3 of week 9 and graduating from C25K ğŸŽ“ 🏃🏾 👍

To get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE ğŸŽ“ next to your username leave a message on the June graduate post in the pinned posts on the right side of the healthunlocked C25K home page and tell the administrators that you have ran W9R3 of C25K and graduated ğŸŽ“ 🏃🏾 👍, now go and celebrate your wonderful achievement, perhaps order a takeaway, they are now open.


Thank you very much for this wonderful post, Maverickrun, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!ğŸ‘ğŸ¥‚ğŸŽ‰ I will do this run tomorrow and can't wait as I am so excited and enthusiastic about graduating. I could barely stop myself from running today but as I only did W9R2 yesterday I told myself that it would be really stupid to risk not finishing that run just because I didn't manage to wait one day and allow my body the rest it needs. So tomorrow will be the day, most likely in the morning, though, instead of the evening as usual. 😁 Enjoy your amazing success and your next runs as a proud graduate!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Deetermined

Thank you and best of luck for tomorrow

DeeterminedGraduate in reply to Maverickrun

Thank you!


You are amazing - well done on you achievement 🥳🏃🏼‍♀️👍✅


Congratulations- hope to join you tomorrow as a graduate!! 😬 I think I will join you in trying to get to the 5k distance - but enjoying getting out and doing exercise.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Samboybarry

Thank you and good luck


Wonderful go you. That’s inspired to read, my aims are the same as yours so will run in your shadow.

So happy for you. Well done and keep going. The only way is up!!! Enjoy


Well done.

Fanatastic achievement. For me you have just summed up what C25K is all about.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Deejay53

Thank you, just how I feel


Congratulations Maverickrun. Such a great feeling to have completed the programme. I completed it 2 days ago. My next run will be Tuesday. I think it’s important to keep up the continuity, before it starts to feel easier not to bother. The programme has been a fantastic way to build up gradually, as I’m sure I would have gone out doing too much too soon and either injured myself or given up by now. Well done, wishing you a happy running future. Keep it up.👏🏻👏🏻

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Monkeyrun

Tuesday is my aim too, im going for 30 minutes at least and try to start feeling comfortable at that distance then move to 5k. I definitely need a goal to work towards.

Really pleased for you, well done. 👌🏃🏃🏃

Whoo. Good goals. Think mine will be similar once I get there. In week 8 run 3

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Gettingfitslowly

So close to the end, best of luck


Well done... feels so good doesn’t it 🍾👏👏

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to JulieM72



Congratulations. What an achievement! Well deserved.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Sky-Runner

Thank you


⭐🏆⭐A brilliant achievement⭐🏆⭐

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Well done!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Raspberrypink

Thank you

Well done !

Hopefully come later today I will be writing an almost identical post.

I am due to run my 3rd run of week 9 and strangely looking forward to it 3😄

Lots of ups & downs but am nearly there.

Congratulations on your big achievement ğŸ¥³ğŸ¥³ğŸƒâ€â™€ï¸ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽŠ

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Clubberpound52

Thank you and good luck for today. I found yesterday’s run hard but nothing was going to stop me

Clubberpound52Graduate in reply to Maverickrun

Thankyou, anyone that knows me, knows that I hate getting my hair wet & looking a mess 🤣

I was so determined in my WK9 r2 that I even ran In the rain 😱

So determined to graduate today, so I'll be sporting the drowned rat look again !!!

Think this means I've begun to enjoy running 😁

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Clubberpound52

I enjoy the rain weirdly, it’s so refreshing after weeks of blazing sunshine. Never thought I’d daily that!!

Loved this post. I started (into week 2) just before covid and was enjoying it, but felt intimidated by huge increase of fit people exercising by jogging. Feel dumb but that’s the truth. Enough for me to lose confidence and feel insecure and a failure (at some level).

Have now decided to give it another go. Your post was the perfect one for me today, and really made a difference. Thanks so much for sharing!! 😊👍✊

Smileymiley123Graduate in reply to VikingJon

So glad you are going to give it another go. Despite the number of people you see jogging think of the thousands who are just sitting at home on their sofas

Great thought Smiley 😃 that helps too!

we all come in different shapes and sizes, so better to do something than nothing

palestrinaGraduate in reply to VikingJon

Good for you. I'm lucky to live in a village where it's possible not to pass any other runners - it would have been harder elsewhere for those very reasons. You might be able to choose your route carefully, or the time that you run, but otherwise ignore them and keep going. Everyone I did pass was super-friendly!

VikingJon in reply to palestrina

You prompted me to consider some fields by a cemetery not used much, can now jog in softer ground rather than path by canal (so pretty though).

I’ll see how I feel and maybe explore a few locations.

So lovely to get replies to a post!! Thanks both Palestrina and Smiley, little nudges at just the right time x

Clubberpound52Graduate in reply to VikingJon

Don't ever feel dumb, tbh I had thought the same at the start, about to do WK9 last run today & graduate 😁

What will people think of me, will they laugh at all my bits wobbling etc etc, BUT now I think who cares as " I am off the couch" good & proper now.

So are you, your doing more than the person still sitting at home, keep going you will get there 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️😁

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to VikingJon

Go for it. I have been overtaking by faster runners and sometimes struggled to catch up to walkers but nobody has done anything but smile as I jog past. So many people will be wishing they had that motivation.

HiddenGraduate in reply to VikingJon

I know the feeling so well. W1 R1 I changed direction because a family were walking towards me. Then I thought if I'm to get through this I have to be more resilient. Here's how I resolved it on my head..."the person or car passes on a split second..you have left their thoughts...you however are on a longer journey..so stay safe, strong and positive". 🍀

Brilliant well done and indeed you should feel proud. It’s amazing isn’t it on week one you never think you’ll make it and when you do it’s fantastic. Keep up the great work

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Smileymiley123

Definitely, week one I thought I was dying. It all

Clicked for me around week 4 when my body seemed to catch up.


Well done , you must feel great . Keep on running 👏👏🏃🏻🏃🏻

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to IzzyMP

Thank you, I’ll be using this platform for support and motivation


Well done - you summarise what I thought when I finished 2 days ago!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to palestrina

Thank you and well done

That’s brilliant, we’ll done. You are an inspiration. X

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to timetogetgoing

Thank you


Very hearty congratulations!!!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Bloomsbury22

Thank you

Well done you, looks like you have really battled to get there fantastic :-)

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Quackquackquack

Thank you, did it through grit and determination.


Brilliant. Well done well done well done! 👍 I have my final run next ... should have done it yesterday but the wind and rain relentless.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to SamBell

Thank you and good luck for the final run


Congratulations you deserve itğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰I am now running 30 mins 3 times a week since graduating 2 weeks ago and feel great, you will too!

Keep feeling the buzz👍😁

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Queenie17

Thank you, this is my aim. It’s great for my mood so will aim to keep it up to keep feeling good. Pleased it’s worked for you


Congratulations! You must feel great having achieved this goal. I’m a couple of runs behind you having just had three weeks out with an ankle injury but completed W9R1 a few days ago and am back on track. I’m putting three rest days between runs until I can see a physio but I can’t wait to graduate.

Enjoy your weekend. Well deserved.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to JarLo

Well done, I find two rest days between runs is a must now they’re longer. I’ve got an ankle niggle that plays up from time to time so I’ve had to rest more than i wanted to. It made my progress slower than I wanted which was frustrating but if I’d pushed I would have struggled to complete the course and may have given up. Good luck with the remaining runs and the injury


Many congratulations MR - feels like graduating into a whole new way of life, doesn’t it? Have a great time with your post-grad running, and keep posting!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Seaside22

Thank you, I will keep posting, such great support on here.

Many congrats to you it’s such an achievement! Lx

I can hear In your voice the relief that you made it ! , such a satisfying feeling for you . Great to know you are slightly addicted , I think thats the idea to sort of fall in love with that feeling of euphoria after your run , well done , rest for now but get back out there soon , be proud

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Maybebab

Thank you, relief is a good word for it, I doubted myself so many times but I still went out and tried. As a result I’ve surprised myself so many times


Congratulations 🥳


Amazing, well done! I am starting week 9 on Monday and I'm excited and also a little sad that the programme will be over. Time to celebrate now xx

Well done!

Congrats on reaching week 9 and making a commitment to carrying on with the good work, You are inspiring me to keep going 😊

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to C25ksecondtimer

Thank you, keep going the feeling at the end is worth it


Well done! I know what you mean about being a little addicted! Hope to graduate myself at the end of this week all being well. Congratulations again and very best wishes. X

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to AAK1423

Thank you and good luck for this week


Huge respect and many congratulations to you! You did it, for you and there’s no better person to do it for. Well done. Keep running. 🌸🥂✨🥂🌸

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to BBblue727

Thank you, that’s a lovely post

Congratulations ğŸŽ‰ I graduated about 6 weeks ago and was a bit lost without the structure of the programme, but I’ve found the Couch to 5K+ podcasts really useful to help with pace, speed and distance. Happy running!!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to BeachbodyUnready

Thank you, I’ll check them out. Not sure how it’s going to feel without Laura counting me down


Well done!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Great post, which sums up the way most of us feel when we graduated....well done...,keep running and improving 👍

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Thank you


Yayyyy great feeling isn't it !!! Enjoy the coming days.

As someone who has just completed week 1, this post inspires me. I also hated PE, cross country etc and am now heading towards 50 and very unfit. Thank you for sharing.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Islandmacmum

Honestly it was the only lesson I hated at school (was a bit of a geek), this is completely different, the only competition is with yourself


Yey! Congratulations 🖖


Well done. It’s a great achievement. I have just completed my 3rd consolidation run and I am so happy I downloaded the app and got started. It’s the best thing I’ve done in years 😃


Firstly well done on finishing the programme and now being a confident runner🥂Huge congratulations on your transformation. Also, thanks for inspiring the rest of us! Week 7 run 3 is my next run and whilst I'm finding the actual run enjoyable and manageable so far, I do struggle to motivate myself to get out there, taking 3/4 days between runs some times. You've encouraged me that it might still become second nature to me and I'll hopefully get to where you are and get that addictive feeling! I'm willing for that to come! Thanks for a great posting xx

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to linzi7478

I did find the longer runs quite daunting and that’s when I started to doubt myself and had a few ‘failed’ runs. Failed as in I didn’t complete the time according to the app but actually they helped me control my pace, learn how many rest days I needed and figure out how to push through when I want to give up. However, I would say confident is too far a stretch, perhaps cautiously optimistic that I can reach 5k. Just keep at it and you will get there.


Well done and congratulations 👏👏



Congratulations!!! Well done and revel in your achievement - regardless of how you got there you did and with bells on!! It is such a proud moment so enjoy!!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Fluffiness

Thank you, I’m sore today but still on cloud 9


Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations keep up the food work

Hanzy in reply to Hanzy

Good work sorry

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Hanzy

I think you had it right both times 😂

Whoo hoo ğŸ™ŒğŸƒâ€â™€ï¸ğŸ¥³ğŸ¥‡ğŸ†ğŸ‘¨ğŸ»â€ğŸŽ“run run on to the next one !! Fabulous x


Congratulations, enjoy the achievement and build on it. I graduated nearly 18 months ago and what I still can't run 5k in 30 minutes, I can run a 5k. I lost my motivation, with working from home it became easier not to go out, especial as I enjoyed running with friends and that option was removed. However my running club set up a relay competition so in the last 3 weeks I have done a 1 mile run, a 10k and a 4 mile run, next week we have a 5k. It has kept me running despite myself, and meant that I have not slipped back into non runner status. Keep going it is worth it.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Larrykat

I don’t think I’ll ever run a 30 minute 5k and 10k seems so far out of reach at the moment. Lots to aim for. I have also joined a local women’s running group but so far a bit scared to say anything, obviously it’s all virtual at the moment. Keep thinking, just a few more consolidation runs to keep putting off actually running with a real life person, that’s scary!!

LarrykatGraduate in reply to Maverickrun

I had the advantage of doing the C25K with a running club, the first run of each week was with a coach and a group then 2 runs on my own. I enjoyed the C25K so much I did it again. I made friends within the group. I joined the club and did their improvers group which encouraged time on feet not distance so I would run once a week with a friend from C25K, once a week with the improvers group, which was all the train type runs (hills etc) and a parkrun or a solo run. My Friend and I got up to 1hour 30 at conversational pace. My 10k last week took me 1hour 42 mins and was really tough. But I am so proud that I didn't give up. That is the key, not how far or how long, but not giving up. It does not matter if you never achieve the 30 min 5k or if you ever run further. The thing that matters is not giving up on yourself. When we can once again run with others without behaving like they are lepers meet up with your running group. the mutual support is great for your self esteem and mental health and well as physical fitness. My running club is what is keeping me sane in these strange times. I hope you keep running and celebrating every new achievement. X

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Larrykat

Thank you, great advice. A running group to do C25k with would have been awesome. Must build up the courage to run with a real life person


Way to go you! You must be so proud 😁😁😁

I echo your sentiments entirely - I've always hated running and would walk as much as I could during school cross country - hopefully without getting spotted 🙂

I'm now on run 1 week 8 tomorrow and like you am getting no where near the 5k mark. But I never thought I would be able to run non-stop for 25 minutes. Moreover I might actually be starting to enjoy this malarkey.

Congratulations and hope you continue to enjoy your running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Birdlady64

This sounds just like me!!


Well done you! Totally agree with everything you say. I finished last August, then had to take time off but restarted in March (at wk 5) and finished all over again and felt so proud of myself again. Slight issue at the moment, have broken my ankle! BUT I know the program works so in 6 weeks I’ll starts all over again. Keep going everyone Xx

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Thismumcan

Well done you on getting back on it after some set backs, that takes courage. Hope the ankle is sorted soon x

Well done! It's a fantastic feeling isn't it.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Happyanne1

Absolutely, still on cloud 9


I second every single reply here!! How do you feel a day later? Still buzzing?? An absolutely amazing achievement!! It sounds like you have a plan moving forward too. Enjoy you deserve all the congrats ğŸŽ‰ğŸ‘ğŸ‘ğŸ¤¯

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Allbarron

Still amazed at myself. It’s strange though, I feel like I can’t run 30 minutes on my rest days then surprise myself all over again when in do.

AllbarronGraduate in reply to Maverickrun

I graduated just into lockdown. I continued to run 3 times a week for 30 minutes but struggled without the structure of the app. I was way off 5 k at that point. After some advice on here I began to follow the time version of ju-ju's magic plan on Bridge to 10k but for the first three weeks I ran the same week twice. I've now ran 5 k twice taking 40 mins. I'm not sure I'll ever run 10k but running 60 minutes seems achievable. I would never have believed I could run 30 mins when I started. Have a look - it might give you something else to aim for 😉

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Allbarron

Thank you, I’ll take a look


Well done!!! 👟👟💪🏻💪🏻🥇. . I was where you are last year and 1 year on I’m still running. Built up to 10k slowly and reduced my times. I’ll never win a land speed record but I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Enjoy your graduate status !!! Well done fellow runner !!!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Laurzmum

Thank you, you are where I would like to be in a year. Any tips?

LaurzmumGraduate in reply to Maverickrun

Slow and steady and build up gradually. Find Ju-ju’s 5k -10k plan on this forum and after a few weeks of consolidation start that. Even 1 year on I still only run every second day maximum.

When it restarts join a PARKRUN !!! The best and most friendly group of people you’ll find - all shapes, sizes and times.

Good luck !!!!

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Laurzmum

Thank you, you’re the second person to recommend the plan so I’ll take a look after a bit of consolidation.


Well done - I remember getting where you did today, it’s exhilarating isn’t it....brilliant. Enjoy the running, yes it’s addictive....but a really great addiction, really good for youğŸ‘ğŸ‘ğŸ‘ğŸŽ‰

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Gran4z

Thank you, an addiction I can indulge in without feeling guilty


Congratulations on your achievement, keep running.


Just like me nearly 2 years ago that was me you are now a runner sounds good a runner now you have the bug there's no stopping you now you will want bigger goals now I promise. Am ready now for my first marathon cant believe a marathon yeh 26miles sounds along way from you but you can get there just remember slow and steady that's what they keep saying on here but you know that it works so keep it up and see you at the finish line well done

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to paul1960

Wow a marathon! That feels impossible at the moment. I have 5k in my sights for now but I definitely thrive on the challenge.


Wow, just wanted to thank everyone for the responses, it truly is overwhelming to have so much support out there. It really makes a difference and I known there will always be someone around to answer my questions. I have read every single response and some comments will be with me as I start my consolation runs tomorrow giving me inspiration to keep going.

Thank you again, to 5k and beyond 😂


Oh wow!! Well done you must feel absolutely great!!! I’m in week 8 myself so hopefully it won’t be too long until I feel as euphoric as you!!!! ğŸŽ‰ğŸ‘ğŸ˜Š


Well done, @Maverickrun. I could echo your post very much (Graduated a week ago last Friday). Just been out for a 30 minute run for the first time since then this morning. Harder to find the motivation now the formal programme is done but there's helpful stuff on Consolidation Club. I too am nowhere near 5K but it's something to aim at in whatever time I manage it. Keep running.

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Orange_Girl

Well done, I’m aiming to be out today but not feeling it this morning, I am an evening runner though so hoping to build up the courage later on


Congratulations and well done. Like you I was a non runner at school and cross country was my idea of absolute hell, I was always last or second from last. But I have taken this on and I am on week 5R1 which I did today. I am slow but I just go at my own pace and I can run for 15 minutes of course with the walks inbetween. I've still got a way to go but just taking one run at a time. Congratulations again x

Orange_GirlGraduate in reply to Jacqui2402

Keep going! You'll get there!

Jacqui2402Graduate in reply to Orange_Girl

Thank you, I will :-)

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to Jacqui2402

Thank you, keep going and you will get there. I do believe this programme should be used in schools. How many people actually find cross country running natural??

Woo hoo! Well done you🏅👍👏


What an absolutely wonderful post! Big congratulations to you on your many achievements and thank you for giving me hope I can do this 😊

MaverickrunGraduate in reply to TallTeal2020

Thank you, you really can do it

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