First Blog week 7

It has took me ages to get to week 7, lots of reasons, lots of excuses, but finally got to Run 2 of week 7! I usually run on the treadmill, but I went out round the streets and was so chuffed that I managed to run for 25 minutes on the road.

That was last week and since then have been ill :0( am on the mend but am gutted as I was doing so well and am going a little stir crazy not being able to get some exercise. One plus side to being off work is being able to read everyone else's blogs - it is really inspiring. Am hoping I can get back on track this weekend and finally graduate in the next two weeks!

3 Replies

  • Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi MotherGoose, well done for getting to Week 7. Once you're well it'll be no time until you get your shiny, green badge! Best wishes!

  • Thanks Caro8642 and Oona - am getting back on it this weekend!

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