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W5 and first blog post


Since W1 I have been dreading this, because I am nosey and read ahead and because people tend to blog about the big "head hurdles". The idea of running without a walk for 20 minutes has been vexing me - and genuinely been in my dreams which has not been a barrel of laughs.

According to the nice lady on my headphones I am, as of about four hours ago, a "runner". A twenty minute non stop run (in 27C I may add). Not much to some people but to me nothing short of a bloody miracle. I am still 4.5 stone overweight (for our across the pond pals a stone = 14 pounds). I wanted to stop - at ten minutes and regularly thereafter until the last minute when I sprinted (OK - shambled enthusiastically) to the end.

This program is brilliant. I was knackered and really stretching - now I can't wait until W6R1 (which seems a bit limp as it involves walking again - joke!).

All of you starting out - you can do it and you will become focussed on your next run to see how far you can go. I have had failure through ligament issues but don't give up - step back a week or two then crack on.

Who am I? A 55 year old bloke, short, fat, on meds for high blood pressure and type 2 dIabetes. Symptoms of both are getting better.

And I am happier than I have been for years.

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Well done on completing the 20 minutes - it's a great moment !

Don't dismiss Wk6R1 as limp - I think it allows for you recovering from the unaccustomed 20 minute run. I don't think I'm alone in having found Wk 6 rather hard work, even after having "romped" through W5R3 ( I ran an extra 5 mins 'cos I felt so good ). I'm not trying to put a damper on things - just saying that if you find week 6 harder than expected, it doesn't mean you're not still making progress.

C25K makes you happy :-)


sfb - I don't dismiss it hence the "joke" If C25K let me slack for a moment I would be very disappointed.

sfb350Graduate in reply to Hidden

Sorry if that sounded critical - it wasn't meant to be. I really found week 6 tough, probably partly because it did sound like a step back from W5R3.

You and HollyO are both Runners ;-)


Fantastic! Well done! Iam at the same stage as you. I love the way we cant believe we are actually running and you say you "shamble" along and I say I "plod"!! We shouldn't be afraid to use the "R" word :D


You say it first Holly!


How about "shuffle"?

Well done MrNibbler! W5R3 is my job for the weekend and at the moment I am alternating between looking forward to and dreading it but it is great to see some other people completing it - every little bit of motivation helps! Good luck for the rest of the programme.


Brilliant! Week 6 is nice because you sort of get a chance to consolidate what you've been doing. W5R3 is a huge achievement - so well done!


Good luck HumptyD - let us all know how it goes. Well done to you too Holly and thanks for the support from everyone else - it really does make a difference.


At the start of W5R2 I decided on the spur of the moment to do W5R3 instead - the fact that I decided to do it two days earlier somehow put a bit of strength in my legs. Tonight I am doing W5R2 and Monday I am starting on week 6. I never knew I could sneak a decision up on myself like that!!!


well done, that's fantastic. I too completed my W5R3 this morning and really can't believe i ran for 20 mins!! the C25k programme is absolutely brilliant and i certainly couldn;t have done it without it. Onwards and upwards to week 6! :-)


mietjie - you're the rebel WITH a cause, aren't you? Whichever way around you did it. Well done you.

samf25 - agreed - I would never have done any real exercise unless I had happened upon this and it is inspirational. As for the future - bring it on, I say.

I look forward to hearing how it goes for you all over the next few weeks.

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