First time at the gym - Week 7 Run 1

Well I am out of my usual environment this week, staying with a friend as I prepare for a surgery on Thursday (which looks like it now won't happen due to some complications with the medicine I've been taking and some fairly useless doctors). Therefore haven't been able to run around the lounge and was thinking I'd just have a little break from running until the surgery. However today I just felt I needed to do something, feeling very stressed and fed up. So I went to the local gym and they have given me a free 7-day pass. I ran on the treadmill for the first time, it certainly beats running around corners in the lounge! What I was a bit sad to note though, is that my "running" is only 5km/hr. For a bit I managed 5.2 or 5.4 but mostly 5.0. According to the internet this is actually just very fast walking! I know speed is not the focus right now. I am just looking for inspiration from others who were perhaps at similar speeds to me at this point, who are now much better? Anyone out there?!


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6 Replies

  • I'm mostly at 5.4 (averaging between 10.30 and 10.50 min/km) which for me is a manageable pace (an overweight 54 year old), but I run on the road, not a treadmill. I did try last night at the on-site gym at work but hated every minute of it - too hot, too boring and too noisy. I prefer the birdsong in the early mornings :). I started out a LOT slower, so am just concentrating on the time spent running, not speed or distance, so don't be discouraged.

  • That's good to know Lizzy - and where are you in the programme? Have you finished?

  • I'm on W9 but had a bit of a set back on Monday, so calling Wednesday R1 :)

  • Nearly finished! Well done :)

  • I was averaging about 5.3kmph according to my treadmill all the way through the programme until I started running outside last week on W7. Either my treadmill is way off or I'm running faster outside because I'm averaging between 6 and 7kmph outside (had to check the fitness tracker against the route and the time it took as I couldn't quite believe it)! I'm sure the gym treadmills are more accurate but I guess my point is that you may run very differently on the treadmill as the focus is trying to stay on a tiny bit of moving ground as opposed to just running freely. I know speed isn't an issue at this point but I understand that it bothers you as it bothered me too - I didn't feel like I was properly 'running' as that was considered a walking speed. Just don't take one run on the treadmill as read. Even if it is right then you'll have plenty of time to get faster after graduation! :)

  • I run on treadmill and my comfortable pace at the moment is 5.2kph.

    Sometimes I do feel like I'm not really running but I don't want to go faster and either not be able to complete the runs of even worse get injured!!

    So slow and steady is the way to go and I know that I'll naturally quicken up as I carry on through the program.

    So don't worry about it, concentrate on completing the runs and remaining injury free x

    I'm on week 7 by the way, Run 1 today.

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