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My C25K T-shirt has arrived and it's berry beautiful :) but I'm scared to wear it :(


I'm delighted with my graduate T shirt. I went for berry, and it's great - the logo stands out well against the colour. It fits nicely, too.

BUT - I haven't worn it yet. I'm not sure if I'm embarassed, scared or what. I'm really proud of having completed this programme. I'm still running. I'm getting better - I run faster and for longer. I promote c25K to anyone who is daft enough to ask me how my running is going.

I'm not sure what the problem is. It might be that I feel that I am not a good advert for running - my face is the same colour as the T-shirt and I am 4 stone overweight. I am slow and I puff and pant and drip with sweat. Not an attractive picture, I know, and sorry if that's ruined your day!

But I'm feeling a bit depressed about it. I look at the T-shirt, stil with its fold lines from the packaging, and I wonder when I am ever going to wear it.

Any help out there, please?

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Go for it, get it on and give it a whirl!!

I am also 4 stone overweight but you know what, I did (and am doing) this for me. I am slow, I huff and puff, I drip with sweat BUT I wouldn't be doing any of that without C25K, I would still be on the couch.

Be proud of how far you have come, wear that shirt with pride 8) I love mine and wear it to Parkrun when I go ~ I am usually in the bottom 10 runners but I wouldn't be there at all without this programme.

GO FOR IT Anniemurph, as Nike say Just Do It :) You won't regret it, I promise!

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to doggymum

Thanks, Doggymum - I'll summon up all my courage and put it on and just get out there. Thanks for the encouragement - don't know what's the matter with me!


Agreed doggymum!! I would love to be in your position Anniemurph as I am only up to W1R3 tonight. I am 5 stone overweight and am daunted by what lies ahead. Please don't say that after all of the hard work you must have put in to graduate that you don't feel worthy of showing everyone what you have achieved? Get it on and wear it with pride, you have earned it!!! :)

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to Leyther1

Oh, keep going, Leyther1 - I remember Week 1 being so hard, and you're right, I perservered and now I have a badge and a T-shirt! Thank you for your encouragement - I'll go out in it tomorrow.


I wear mine to Parkrun. You've bought it, you've earned it, wear it with pride.

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to BettyJane

I can't even imaging doing a Parkrun! Thanks, BettyJane - I'll shut up and put it on and get out there :)


get on out there & wear it. like leyther says, youve earned it!!

I felt embarrassed wearing adidas with its go faster stripes at first, feeling as if I wasnt a proper runner & didnt deserve to wear it. now I dont care. once you get over that initial run you will be fine!

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

Thanks, Shelley - I think you're right - once I get out there in it, I'll be fine. After all, I'll be too busy puffing and wheezing and panting to bother about what people are thinking :)


You've earned it girl, go out there and wear it with pride, your a graduate, let everyone know how you did it.

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to Burstcouch

Thanks for the encouragement, Burstcouch - you're absolutely right and I just need to put the thing on and get out there!

Oh, it made me sad to read your blog, the thought of the fold lines gave me a tear in my eye! I think you just need to put it on one day and get out there, then you will wonder why it has taken you so long to give it its first outing. My face would definitely be the same colour as the T-shirt as well, but on the plus side at least you will be coordinated ;), no just go for it! :) keep us posted!

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to rubbishrunner

Thank you, rubbishrunner, and you're absolutely right, I'm sure when I'm out there in it I will wonder what all the fuss was about. And by the way, the reason I went for berry is because it's the same colour as my face so there won't be any colour clashes :D


I know how you feel - I've only worn mine once (and that was in the dark) and I'm really worried about putting it on in case I have a bad run, show myself up or look ridiculous and embarrass myself... I know it's silly, but it's almost like I feel like I would be jinxing the run by wearing the graduate top :-(

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Well, I've taken heart from all the comments above, I'm about to put it on and go out the door! It's odd, isn't it - we have done this programme and yet we're still concerned about bad runs, showing ourselves up or looking ridiculous. I'll let you know how I get on :s

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