The new C25K t-shirt has landed!

The new C25K t-shirt has landed!

Excuse the camera angle and the 'glow'!! I had just done the C25K+ speed podcast and rushed up to wake hubby to take my photo.

Probably the most unflattering angle known to man as he was lying in bed!

So, what do I think...

I am a size 16 top (with little cleavage) and its a good loose(ish) fit. I am very bottom heavy so expected it to be tight around this area - it rides up and rests on my hips but I can live with that as that happens with quite a few tops.

It does a good job of wicking away my perspiration, and there is always plenty of that!

The only thing is I wish it were just a shade longer. I wouldn't say I am long bodied but it still only comes to my hip bone, but hey, I might enjoy showing off my bum if I were a bit thinner!!

I'll still be wearing it at my Parkrun though - I'm sure they've seen worse than my behind wobbling round :D


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24 Replies

  • Ooooo I like that colour too, I loved the shade of my berry one as well. Only trouble with the berry colour is after a run I'm not sure which is the brighter colour me or the Tshirt!! I see your another girl who leaves hubby tucked up nice and snug in bed while you go and bash the pavements, what's the world coming too!?! ;)

  • Yes I'm happy with the colour too, and yours is probably going to be my next colour choice!

    Hubby is on a late shift this week so I left him snoring in the dark while I went off to (ahem) run! Although I prefer it when he is on lates as I don't have to walk the dogs before I go :)

  • Fantastic pic

    Mine arrived Saturday, great excitement. I tried getting a pic of me but after taking an age to work out how to use the self timer on my camera, I couldnt then get my camera at the right angle to take a worthwhile pic! I like living on my own but this is one down side!

    Now I have lost most of my blubber I am quite small round the shoulders back and waist but with a very large - ahem - chest, unfortunately!

    The clothes I wear vary from 12 to 18 depending on cut. My "L" t-shirt is a lovely fit, bit snug on the boobies but lovely, hope to post a pic before too long!

    I havent worn it out running yet, will definitely be wearing it at my next parkrun.

    Mine is red (to match the piping on my running capri pants lol!), might order blue as well as it looks lovely! Then I will have to order pants to match the new top. . . and so on . . :-P

  • Mine was XL - was a bit gutted at ordering that size but thats another challenge to work on!! The list keeps growing lol :D

  • Its great doggymum and perfect for the parkruns. Would you say its true to size as I have heard so many comments about problems with this so not sure if to order my normal top size or bigger, what do you suggest? I would normally be a 12 if not wanting a tight fit.

    Deryn61, feel free to add your comments too!

  • That was an XL not sure if that will help you as clothing shops vary so wildly with their sizing its hard to know what size I am really! I have a M&S running vest in a size 14 and that is a good fit but not snug to the skin.

    Andy at Complete Runner is really helpful, (I've spoken to him a couple of times) it may be worth giving him a call and asking what he would recommend as the site sizes didn't help me and I just plumped for what I thought would fit! :D

  • Thanks doggymum, sounds like a plan.

  • It looks great, doggymum. Thanks for posting. Nice and loose round the chest, thankfully. I had to order the largest size because I'm top heavy (16 top, 12 hips, swimmer shoulders is my excuse!) so I'm still impatient to know how mine fits :)

  • Thanks HS. I would think that you should be fine with the largest size, but then I only have a small bust so there was plenty of room for me lol :D

  • You look great doggymum! Nice colour - what's in the middle of the picture on the T-shirt? Is it someone running? Or does it say "I'm a graduate"? Thanks for posting :-)

  • Thanks Delia. Its the NHS logo off their website and at the top it says COUCH TO 5K GRADUATE (!!!) Top left is the Fastrax logo and can't remember off the top of my head what (if anything) is at the bottom of the NHS logo.

  • Cheers Doggymum and hope to join you on the other side, equipped with NHS t-shirt in about three weeks. Fingers crossed :-D

  • Good luck Delia, you are doing really well :)

  • You look great! I'm looking forward to getting my berry one someday this week :D

  • Thank you! The berry one is a nice colour, earmarked that for my 2nd one :D

  • Please please please tell me where do you get the t shirt from? I'm still waiting for my green graduation logo so think I need the t shirt!!!


    Well done stayinbed on completing the programme - great feeling isn't it!! The link above should take you to the legendary t-shirts!! :)

  • Thanks very much doggymum! Off there now!

  • You look great! I think that is the colour I've ordered. I can't wait for it to arrive.

  • Thank you! The colour is great too. I feel like a proper runner (I use the word loosely) having a shirt with an official logo on it :)

  • It looks great doggymum. :) I might be tempted to order the blue one now! It's such a hard decision to choose which colour! ;) Are the contrasting panels on your tee black? I thought they were meant to be white, or does it depend on what colour logo you have? I'd have to go for the XXL and even then I'm not sure it would fit my chest. Good to know they're not too tight on the hips.

  • Thanks Legion! Yes the contrasting panels are supposed to be white but the suppliers sent the wrong tee's to complete runner. Andy rang me and I told him it would be fine with black. I believe they now have the right ones in stock, so if you order the royal blue you would have white panels. I can measure mine armpit to armpit later tonight when I get home if that helps to gauge size? :)

  • Thanks. I think I'm going to go with XXL :O and hope for the best. Maybe I should ring them and order it over the phone, so I know what I'll be getting?

  • Andy is very helpful, its definately worth giving him a call :)

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