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C25K t-shirt does it exist?

I'm sure on someone's blog I read about a C25k t-shirt on graduation.

I know you get a badge but is there a t-shirt as well?

I'm far off but I'm so excited about this program that I want to share it with the world. Also when I see other runners while I'm out I always wonder if they are also listening to Laura. A t-shirt would be a dead giveaway!

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I certainly does exist and here it is!



Brilliant! Thanks for the link.

Just selected my t-shirt ready to order after graduating.

Can't wait for that big day.


I cant wait either - 5 more runs to go for me! :)


Wow, you're nearly there. You must be so proud. Any graduation celebration plans?

I'm just starting Week 4 this evening. I have no idea how many I've got to go (but I will probably work it out the closer I get).

For the moment I'm just pleased I'm still moving, taking each session as it comes.

Happy running!


Thanks! I'm almost there but taking 2 day rests inbetween each run now they are a bit longer! I'm amazed at how far i've come. I remember week one when I huffed & puffed my way through a 60 sec run. I'm still amazed that I can run for 28 mins non stop :)

No graduation plans as yet - maybe I should think of something!

Good luck with tonights run - its gonna be a sweaty one!


I think from reading your previous posts you are about the same place as me in the C25K plan - I did W8R2 last night after a break of a few days and found it easier than doing every other day, so might follow what you're doing and take 2 days off in between. If we graduate at the same time we should arrange a virtual celebration :)


We are indeed - I'm doing my W8R2 tomorrow a bit later on in day though to avoid the heat. A joint virtual celebration sounds good to me! :)


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