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W6R1 Worst Run Ever and Over Analysis (Warning contains a lot of Blah)

And there I was thinking it will never happen to me and I will enjoy every single one of my runs, W6R1 was a rude awakening and brought me back pronto in runners world (yeah!! I have been "baptised" to see the positive in the situation).

On the run:

I started feeling tired I assume at approx. 2 minutes into the 8 minutes ( it felt like 8 minutes at the time if you'd ask me but obviously Laura wasn't convinced) I began to think (hoping, lets be frank) that when Laura comes on she'll be telling me I've got 60 second to go and should she tell me I was halfway I will collapse. Then it came " you are half way there you have run for 4 minutes" she said...

I couldn't continue, I had to walk I could not push anymore. I paused the podcast and walked, after a minute or so I decided to give it another go, ran for 3 minutes then I stopped something was wrong. I manage the 20 minute run last week and this was kicking my derriere WHY??? Nonetheless, I kept at it and managed the 8 minute runs on the fourth attempt and the 5 minute run and the third attempt.

I ran a total of 29 minutes including my failed attempts and walked 22 minutes (include warm up, recoop and cool down) I wasn't aiming for it and wasn't even happy when I realised I did 5.12 Km that session.

On the over analysing:

1. I worked over 28 hours in the last 2 days and slept very little I must have been tired (which I was, but really?)

2. I was sick at the weekend, now had a cold sore so my body must be under and attack of some kind (OK maybe but still)

3. I run after work and usually have nothing to eat between lunch and the run, I had 2 granola bar and plenty of water right before (my body like running on an emptyish stomach is that the message?)

4. Ran with a cottony jogging bottom instead of my usual capri pant the robbing against my thighs was awkward and my shirt was feeling weird, found out later it was inside out (clothing "malfunction")

5. The cast music was dreadful couldn't quite settle in a nice pace (worst music so far not that its usually good but god how bad is W6 music)

And the list goes on and on and on...

Should I do W6R1 again? I came into this week knowing the first 2 runs will be a piece of cake but now I am wondering if it's all downhill from now....

Will the enjoyment and excitement ever come back?

The word is DEMORALISED!!!

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Cheer up - despite taking longer you carried on and completed the run. Changes can affect your running, particularly having a cold so perhaps give yourself an extra day off before doing run 2.

You will be fine and as Laura says you can do it.


Ha, I laughed at your shirt being inside out - sorry! My worst run was several hours after a big Chinese meal we'd had with friends. Made me realise i really can't run after a big meal, no matter if it was hours earlier. Legs felt like lead and I was dragging myself around. Just put this down to experience - and certainly if you have a cold & have been working really long hours that's not going to help. Take a couple of rest days, and see how you go. Remember it's not about following the podcast to the absolute nth degree if something goes wrong - you've been out there and exercised however you managed it, so don't feel bad. Just go back to the podcast next time. Courage - you WILL get through it ;-)


Go to the week 6 forum and read my run 2 post. It's almost the same as yours! How funny. Must be something about week 6 that's meant to test our resolve. Totally agree that it's the worse music so far! I was totally demoralised but lovely forum people got me back on track and I did r3 last night and loved it! No break - great! Give it a go. Don't give in. Good luck!


Had the run gone well, then most of the things that bothered you would have been insignificant, but we all do it, look for the reason behind a bad run. There are so many variables that it is probably not worth exploring them, unless something stands out as exceptional. They all, maybe, contributed to the outcome but, since we all have them, part of being a runner is being able to put it behind us and look forward to the next life affirming workout. Week 6 is tough and if you are under the weather then it will be tougher, so give yourself a break and come back to it in a positive frame of mind, start slow and don't expect to fly just because you ran for 20mins last week. There's no shame in repeating a run, if you think that you ought to, since each run is contributing to your stamina and fitness. The aim of C35k is to be running for 30 mins at the end- it doesn't matter how you get there.

It is worth it and there are loads of great runs ahead of you. Good luck and enjoy your running.


There is a regular theme on here about Wk 6 being tough. I think it's something to do with it being a downer after the euphoria of Wk 5 R3. Sounds like that has coincided with one of the bad runs we all have occasionally. Treat it as just a bad run and push on through, taking some recovery time if you need it. You'll get there; trust St Laura!!

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