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Cold weather running


I suceeded in completing the couck to 5k last October then winter set in and my enthusiasm for running totally went and I gave up. Im now back on track and the winter months loom ahead. How does one run and keep motivated in the cold weather?

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I suppose I have the opposite problem and have struggled with the heat

Winter was easier but then I am self employed and can (theoretically at least) run when I want

I think you have to put running near the top of your priorities. You have to want to do it more than say, lying in, going to the pub, having a lunch break or whatever

There are lots of things that stop me running but the weather is not often (frankly) the real thing!


It’s about the only way I can be outside in February and warm! Saves a fortune on coats too 😂

Also, if you’re interested in pace, many studies have concluded that those that run in cold weather produce better times than those who don’t come springtime. The summer was always harder for me.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I started in winter and I joined a running club once I’d graduated You quickly acclimatise! It’s amazing. I thought I would surely die . I didn’t 😃 I run in all weathers now 😃

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to misswobble

I want to read the pages in your notebook that cover running in heat! First minute kills me. I got a while to learn though I think.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

If it’s hot we turn out at the coolest parts of the day. It’s not usually a huge problem for us in the U.K. you run slow and take a drink 🙂


I wonder this, too. I'm not worried about the temperature, but rather the conditions. Ice and snow.

I take a long walk every morning, but have to stop for a couple of months in the winter because it's so treacherous.

The sidewalks are covered with snow so you'd have to walk week into in the street. and it's pitch black out in the morning. In the street itself is slushy and icy and dangerous. It honestly can't be done safely where I live.

I do worry what this will do for me this winter. In terms of setbacks. I've been researching possibly joining a gym for a couple of months. As much as I hate to.

GirlOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Hidden

I use yaktrax for walking in icy conditions; they’re little spirals of tough wire that stretch on to the bottom of most shoes and offer amazing grip. I wasn’t running last winter but my brother runs through winter in Scotland with them, and I hope I will this coming winter!

Hidden in reply to GirlOnTheRun

I have those!

They're great for trails, but I find them dangerous on icy streets. I'm going to try them out again this winter.


I have those 👍.

I signed up to do Run Balmoral (in April) for a local charity. Kept me focused as I didn't want to let them down.


This, for me, is crazy simple. I WANT to run and l chose to run outdoors only. If you don’t want to expose yourself to the elements you either run in the gym, at home or you simply don’t run and do whatever your choice.

I ran in near zero temperatures as well as very hot, humid, sticky conditions. Throughout my marathon training l experienced rain, sleet, gale winds and snow but also some beautiful, calm and sunny days with perfect temperatures. Some runs were uncomfortable, the majority were great.

How to do it? You need to prioritise. If l have to run today, l will run today. I’ve got my gear ready and l will run when on holiday too. Am l insane? Maybe so but that’s how you do it if you really wanna do it. ;)

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