Osteopath magic

I've been on and off the IC since January and finally went to see the osteopath. Amazingly he sorted out my post-sprained ankle swelling and I was able to go for a nice run today. nice to see that I could still do it.

The osteopath recommended drinking more to prevent injury. He also suggested cycling and swimming (back stroke) to relax back muscles and get knees and ankles back into shape. He also suggested drinking less coffee. Well I'm trying !

Just thought I'd suggest some free workout videos which require little or no equipment which I could do as they are low impact when my ankle was still too swollen for running.

There are lots of different ones and some just work the upper body. All can be done at home.

Happy running to you all


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10 Replies

  • I'm just this moment back from a new osteopath, my wonderful man who I've been seeing for 20 years sadly passed away recently, so I have tried a couple of new ones, the last one wasn't much cop at all, and it's sooo expensive... The one I saw today was just around the corner from me, so very handy. She is a very small, quietly spoken, mousey young girl - that'll be a waste of forty quid I thought...wrong! She went straight to the painful bit and had me squealing! A few clicks later and I feel like new! Obviously I'll have to see how it goes over the next couple of days, but I think it's done the trick.... She also had a feel of my achilles tendon and said it's really not too bad, and the pain I've had there may well be to do with the imbalance in my back. I'm going to try it out with a run tomorrow!

    I'm so pleased for you that you got your achey ankle sorted, osteopaths are quite wonderful when they get it right aren't they?

  • Great when that happens isn't it. This was a new osteopath for me too recommended by a friend. No 40 quid but sixty euros (is that about the same ?) Here in France we can claim back about half the money on our health insurance if it covers this. We can go twice a year.

  • Yes, that's more or less the same. I live in France half the year, are you resident? Or French? I have the E111 card which gets me 70% back, but not on everything. I don't know if osteopaths are included, but my local doc is an osteo, so I guess I'd just pay his normal fee. He gives me antimflamatory pills which I don't think are available here in UK. They work but zonk me out...

    Where in France are you? My house is in Cordes, near Toulouse, the virtual quest organised by RFC (here on the forum) is running there! Are you in it? Hope I get back before everyone arrives!

  • I live far away from you in Normandy. I live here all the time but was born and raised in Hertfordshire where most of my family live.

    Doctors in France tend to prescribe more comfort and painkiller medicine. I think Brits are just supposed to grin and bear it.

  • Hey, I live in France too (Lyon) and thinking I need to see an osteo for my back. There seems to be a lot of choice here so hopefully I can find a good one. Glad you got your ankle sorted.

  • You just need to find the right one for you. Ask around. A colleague and friend and work suggested this one. I prefer the less heavy-handed variety but my husband likes the ones who make your bones crack. It's really different but each person has to find what's best

  • Drinking less coffee?

    I'd ask for a second opinion.

  • Yes I might do that (she said drinking a nice cup of coffe)

  • I think a friend of mine drinks too much coffee as she is HYPER a lot of the time! Were you drinking a lot?

  • Probably but I'm hyper whatever i do! The running helps a lot with that.

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