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Yey, seem to have got my mojo back !

Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone that posted on my last blog. I decided tonight to take your advice, chalked my previous dismal run up to experience and set off with the week 9 podcast again. It was great having Laura back to help me along and it worked! I just finished my best run yet, i'm over the moon and so glad that i went out tonight.

Thanks guys, i don't know where i'd be without the wonderful C25K community (o:

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Yay! And hurrah for good old mojo. I often find that when I have a rubbish run and start doubting myself the next run is the best ever. I think it's because you feel like a real runner because you made yourself get out there and do it! Keep going!


Great news! Some runs just aren't as good as others, but you got yourself back out there and had your best run yet - how fab is that? Well done :)


Thankyou, hoping that this is the start of another good set of runs. I think i'm going to try and concentrate on enjoying my running from now on, good run or bad run it's still a run and that can't be a bad thing (o:


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