Yey -- got my 10K time

1;03:30 at an av 6:21mins per K

I thought that I had gone faster than my run/walk training which had me around 6: 50 mins per K average

I am very pleased with this - and will now rest on my laurels for a while:)

To all newish C25Kers - 15 months ago I started out with C25k as a 67 year old overweight unfit man . I only ever wanted to be able to walk 5K easily and to be able to run for 1 kilometre!! :) I could not have dreamed that the programme would take me to where I am now.


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  • Excellent time Bazza - it really sounds as if this was your race - torrential rain and all!

  • FAB time and in difficult conditions too Bazza -

    Its amazing what you have achieved and inspirational for lots of other people.

  • Brilliant, well done Bazza! That's a good time by any standards and must be very good when age-graded.

  • Wow Bazza! That's fantastic! What an achievement and such an inspiration :-)

  • Well done bazza. A great time under the circumstances :)

  • Bazza, that can only be described as brilliant! Well done. :-) xx

  • Thats brilliant Bazza ! CONGRATULATIONS! Thats a fair old speed even without the rain to contend with, so extra great result ! :)

  • Congratulations Bazza, that would be a fab time under ideal conditions, so it's pretty darn special given how wet it was. Very well done

  • Well done Bazza, are you sure you weren't swimming instead of running? XX

  • Great time Bazza, in lousy conditions too! Well done.

  • That's a really great time ! All your scientific research and training paid off there and you obviously weren't too put off by the deluge ! Well done.

  • Wow thats really fast! You must be so pleased!

    Well done, Bazza, now its time to relax!

  • Bazza this is amazing. Massive congratulations to you.

  • Bazza - congratulation! This is a great time. Well done you!! Don't rest on your laurels too much, I enjoy your posts and find them both motivating and informative. It really is life changing, this running lark - at least for those of us that started out past the first flush of youth, unfit and, in my case, more than a little overweight.

  • Great time, Bazza and in such awful conditions! Happy resting on your laurels!!

  • Well done Bazza!

    I love reading these kind of posts - so inspirational :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Nice one Bazza. I seem to remember you, quite vehemently, stating at the start of C25k, that you couldn't conceive of any reason why you would ever want to run 10k non stop....It just goes to show how deep the running bug goes. Your engineer's approach to running is enlightening and informative for all of us and long may it last. Have you ever thought about a half marathon, Bazza?

  • I had intended and indeed trained to do this 10K using a 3/1 run/walk strategy. The only reason that I aborted this plan at the very last minute was because of the rain and hence no smartphone!πŸ˜ƒ

    I have run a number of 10k easy runs non-stop very slowly and really never ever thought that I could keep up a 6:21 pace nonstop for 10 klms. I have run this pace when doing multiple 1 klm repeats but always needed a breather between repeats. I do think that it was both the other contestants determination and the fact that the conditions were so bad that the only option (apart from pulling out) was to put my head down and go!!πŸ˜ƒ

  • Great stuff Baz! Brill time too ☺

    You look much more slender these days Baz.

    Keep on running!

  • Fantastic Bazza! Amazing pace too ! :) What is the time ratio of your run/walk?

  • I trained using a 3/1 ratio but finished up running the race nonstop.

  • Fantastic time Bazza. You inspire so many people here. Keep it up!

  • Absolutely brilliant, Bazza, congratulations on a fabulous time. That tropical downpour was quite something!

  • Wow! That's great Bazza. I'm glad you got your time - and a great one at that!

  • Well done Bazza. Great time and great ambassador for the cause.

  • Well done - great job!

  • Well done Bazza, you deserve a medal for running in that downpour !

    Amazing stuff , what an inspiration you are xxx

  • Brilliant time. Well that puts me in my place (about 45 minutes behind you!) Right. Must try harder. Thanks for motivating me Bazza ;-)

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