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Week 5 Run 2 -check! A day's grace before you-know-what!

I have a very welcome week's holiday this week, so I didn't have to get up in the dark or go out when the streets were busy today. I forced myself to leave the central heating and get into the damp mist shrouding the town to do W5R2.

The 2 x 8 minutes routine was actually okay, although, as usual, I had my doubts about whether I was only halfway through when Laura said I was!

I am now steeling myself for the big 2-0 minutes. I have bought "proper" running socks to mark the occasion. At least I will have a few days to recover before going back to work!

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Well done tiddlywink! I did the dreaded W5R3 yesterday. Five minutes into the run I felt like I was really struggling and was resigned to the fact that I wouldn't make the twenty. But I pushed on through the pain barrier and it suddenly became quite easy and I got to the 20 minutes with relative ease. I am feeling it in my legs a little today though and am thinking of having 2 days rest before I start week 6. Good luck for the big one - let us know how you get on!


Yahoo dazzle. I am so happy for you.


Thank you and well done for getting through it! I always seem to find the first couple of minutes a struggle until I get into my stride (or shuffle!)


Well done. I did W5R2 this morning and didn't find it quite as hard as I thought I might.

Will be doing you know what early on Thursday morning with a busy morning to follow so need to recover well.....


Very well done you. Running socks are the best aren't they?! I wouldn't be without mine!


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