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Pesky cold

This week was supposed to be the end of W8 and one or two of the W9 runs however it's ended in failure !!

I came down with a nasty cold on Tues, coupled with some long shifts I didn't feel like running but wasn't too disappointed, figuring it happens some time. However I was feeling better today and although not up for a run thought I should go for it.

I managed nearly 6 laps around the running track before having to stop and have now developed a cough and am very very wheezy (this is not normal !!). Clearly I had more of the cold on my chest than I thought.

Any ideas on how long I should wait before trying again seeing as I thought I was ok today ??

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Oh well done for trying! Don't let it get you down, this is a real challenge without having to fight a cold etc! Just see how you feel, there is nothing wrong in taking a few extra days and dosing yourself up (loads of vit c and zinc). Even if you only manage brisk walks or short runs for a week or so that is better (in my humble opinion) than nothing, I think fresh air and a bit of sunlight on your skin helps recovery from most ailments. ~You won't lose your form after just a week or two break.


Thanks for your advice. I'm going to take tomorrow off and have another go on Tues. I'll get there in the end !!


When you get out again, why not just do a 'see how far I get' run -and then build up from there. If you take the pressure off yourself and DON'T aim for 'x' minutes then you'll be better able to build up on what you did. And like Deryn61 says, you won't lose your form just like that, but a chesty cold can hit you in all the wrong places when you're running...

Good luck! :-)


It certainly hit me harder then I expected!

I went for a run yesterday and managed 28mins with my pace I reckon being just over 5K in 30 mins which I was really pleased with. That's W8 done, 3 more runs to go now !! Thanks for your advice, that was actually how I set off, just trying to run and then once I got to 20mins figured I would finish W8 !!


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