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Did the first run of week 3 yesterday - omg it was hard. - I managed it just but my left leg felt really heavy. I think the problem is that where I live even if it looks flat it does have a slight incline which makes it hard. I have tried running with my head held high but feel stupid and more self conscious. Though I might try run 1 again but on the treadmill as it might be easier on my legs and I can get someone to look at my running gait - should I use my running shoes indoors or keep t hem for outdoors?

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Firstly well done you for doing run 3, everyone finds this hard but like you they want to push on through and progress, you are doing brilliantly. Where I live I had the same issue about the inclines, but think of it this way it will only help to increase your stamina, don't let this put you off. Both my wife and i felt self conscious about running too but someone on here told me that just remember that you are doing this for you, they probably couldn't even do week 1, which you did 2 weeks ago :-)

With respect to you running shoes you can use them on treadmill and outdoors. Your gait is the geometry of your foot, arch etc and also how you run and land. Running shoes can be matched to you to prevent injuries like knee pain, back pain, calf and thigh pains etc. it is definitely worth having your gait analysed and to be fair for less than £50 is a sound investment that will last you for around 500 miles I think they say :-)

Good luck with your running and let us know how you get on

Oh and welcome to the club



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