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WK3R1 done!!!

Well I did it-the dreaded 3 minutes is behind me! I was gasping for breath on the 2nd 3 minutes but I just paced myself and timed my breaths. I didn't use the podcast for the run because my hubby decided he was coming with me but he did all the timing for me (which is probably why the 2nd 3 minutes felt more like 5!!!) I also did the run outside for the first time which meant when i was gasping for breath I swallowed a fly!!! However it was lovely and i felt invigorated-much better than going to the gym when there's a man with hygiene issues next to you!

Here's to my dreaded second run (see previous posts) but I have no doubt I will conquer it now.

If anyone has read this ramble then thank you. I owe this site and my fellow bloggers a lot.

Good luck and happy running to you all.

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Well done, that woman! There is a reason that Laura tells you to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth... I see you've found that out. I have to say that I am still doing most of my breathing (in and out) through my mouth, although I do try not to have it open wide enough to encourage wildlife! I have every confindence that you will be able to do the second run. Go girl! :-)


lol...I'd suffocate if I had to breathe through my nose! I'm gasping for breath like a beached whale as it is!

Nice bit of added protein in that fly, but I don't know I could ever call swallowing a fly "lovely" lol...I hope hubby didn't have the nerve to laugh when that happened....

I can hardly wait to read what happens in W4....

Have fun!


even breathing in through your nose beware of doing a "Fatima"! :)


urrrggghhh Mrs Tickle lol


tmi? :)


had to look up what that meant but now I know....yes definitely and if you'd have heard the conversation my sister and I were having this morning, it would put an altogether different perspective of things coming down your nose/throat!!!! LOL


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