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Yay I did it, never thought I would get this far but I have and I am loving the challenge. (Today was my first run in the rain too)

Haven't seen any difference in my weight, nor have I lost a single CM from my body, but it is early days yet.

I have adjusted my eating habits swapping sugar for stevia sweetner, salads for lunch, shreddies for breakfast and a regular generic style dinner. i.e spag bol, bangers n mash, fish, oven chips and peas.

Taking one day at a time but may need to make more changes yet.

Either way, onwards and upwards :D

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I haven't lost any weight since starting to run - but I am hoping to get going again to lose my last stone. My shape is changing since I started exercising though! My shadow while running is looking pretty sleek! ;-)


Well done, Unikorn! :-) The changes may be gradual, but you will notice them in time. You'll go to put a pair of jeans on that you've not worn for a while and realise they're too big - that's when it really is apparent! It may take a bit of time but with a healthy diet and running, the changes will emerge! :-) well done, you're doing brill!


Early days yet - and WELL DONE on your run. Over time I think you'll start to notice (and other people will too) shape changes... healthy diet and stick to the running and you'll be very surprised at yourself...

Well done for getting so far... you're already making huge differences!


Hi. I am on the same stage as you. Really enjoying it. Keep it up!


Well done Flower! I told you I'd buy you a tea cake at swimming, and I will! I will sort your diet out later! ;) Hahaha...C25K is just part of my evil plan! See you soon, T xx


Hey, well done Unikorn01. Treemouse has a lot to answer for... I glad that she nagged you to get started. Don't worry about weight and cm... it will fall off in time I promise.


:D I can't help but grin, just completed second of Wk 3s runs today.

I feel really good, thoroughly enjoyed it and found the second 3 mins easier and faster than the first.

I am already looking forward to Friday.

I would also like to let people know why/how I am so motivated by treemouse. When I was growing up she was my next door neighbour in Hertfordshire. When I left home and had children and moved around I finally settled in Portsmouth, and found out after around 20+ years of no contact that treemouse had also just moved to Portsmouth around the corner from me.

Since we have been back in contact, she has convinced me that I can swim, I have gone from side hugging and being scared of water, to swimming in excess of 50 lengths when we go.

She has also encouraged me to quit smoking, I have now been a non smoker for 2 years.

And now the C25K

That, I would say is the making of the very best of friends. I wouldn't be where I am without her foot kicking my behind when she catches me slacking :D


Awww, you'll get me all welling up and stuff! Well I can't believe that you are now on W4! That is AMAZING! Teacake deffo after Thursday morning swim if that's okay :) xxx

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