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One of those days

Set out this morning in the pouring rain to do B210K week 2 run 2, normally I just run in a t shirt but because it was SO wet stuck on a light hoodie and a hat to keep me abit warmer, soon realised I was stilll way too hot despite the weather, and just couldn't get in the flow, I'm very limited to running routes around here, and the hill I normally run down (quite steep) was flooded at the bottom so I couldn't go any further than the bottom of the hill as I normally would, so I decided I'd just stick to a 30 or 35 minute run today, but it was SO hard! I felt exhausted, heavy legs, had a crampy type pain in my shoulder and only managed 2.66miles in 30 minutes whereas on monday I managed 4.11 miles and felt pretty good! Walked home soaked and defeated but oh well! Roll on the next attempt on Saturday....

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Hey, sounds like you did very well! especially if you had a change of plan due to flooding etc. Some times it's a slog and you just have to put it down to experience. I had a rubbish run on Tuesday, felt good setting out but quickly discovered I'd left my mojo at home when I started running. I'm sure your next run will be much better!


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