Couch to 5K

One of those good runs!

Since I managed to run 10K (a bit of a shock - I didn't think I could possibly do that) ten days after my graduation run, I've made Monday my long run day, 10K or more) and I entered the Run Jericho 10K event in Oxford on 21st June.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been running as close as possible to the RJ course, which has been fun - it's a lovely run. Last week I ran it in just a shade under 70 minutes, which I was really pleased with (the myAsics training plan tells me I can achieve 70:24 on race day. The course, while not that challenging - no big hills or very rough terrain, is more of a challenge than the normal 10k course I follow, because there are bridges, gates, climbs up and down to river bank and canal towpath. I was thinking about today's run last night and wondered what I could run the usual course in since I haven't run it for the last two weeks. So I reverted to my old course today.

First time I ran it, I took it very easy and clocked 1:16:32 the next week was 1:12:30. Then 1:10:29.

I had it in mind today to set off at about a 7min/km pace and see how it went. I found myself running faster and tried to back off but not very successfully. The first 5k went fairly well, and my Garmin was telling me my average pace was about 6:45 or a bit below. Gremlins started to murmer as I got to 6km and the going started to get a bit uncomfortable. I told myself if I wanted to improve my running I needed to get mentally tough, so I dug deep and pushed on. At 7km I was feeling a bit tired, but I really focussed on keeping my running rhythm steady and getting my breathing synced with my cadence. I really tried hard too keep the pace up and not revert to a slower pace or a jog. Counting down the distance in my head - less than 3 to go....... two and three quarters..... less than two.... only one and a half..... 1100 metres.....less than a kilometer now, keep pushing..... 500m.....400m....200.. less than 100m......50......there!

Push the button on my Garmin...... 1:08:02 - 68 minutes and two seconds - almost two minutes faster than the last PB and eight and a half faster that my first run, just six weeks ago!

Chuffed. Tired but chuffed. I was really blowing hard and sweating when I finished, but felt huge satisfaction with that run!

My run -

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Wow! Guess you didn't want to ease into greater distances gradually then huh! :-) I'm very impressed. 10k is my ultimate goal so this is very motivational. And it's always lovely to hear about the runs that people enjoy :-)


As part of trying to get my head together after completing C25K I put together a myAsics training plan to get me to 10k. One run was a 8km jog. The furthest I'd run before was 5.6Km. I tried to find a comfortable slow pace that I thought I could maintain, and it felt great. As I was getting close to 8k, I still felt good, so I just went on and did the 10k. It wasn't intentional, it just happened. I was amazed, but found I could repeat it.

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Well done Steve. You must be bushed after all that

I like a leisurely 10k, but to get my feet shifting a bit quicker I like a fast 3k where you go hammer and tongs at it. It's wrapped up fast and you can go home. You should try one if you haven't already ☺


The fast 3 sounds interesting - I will try it - thanks! I was a gasping puddle at the end of today's run, but now after a shower and lunch, I don't feel bad.


Great stuff Steve, well done !


Nice one Steve.

I do everything possible NOT to think about the time/distance that is left - doesn't always work though!


Oh, I find it gives me encouragement to keep going!


Fast 3 k intervals cropped up early on into my asics plans. They're hard but good! I'm 57 so find it a bit tough. You could do it on a softer surface. Tarmac and concrete is a bit relentless


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