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Stamina - run 2

After an extra 2 days rest for my knee* I went out this morning to try Stamina again, this time without the mud.

*and TBH a hangover from the Aunt Sally team outing (Aunt Sally is the anti-particle for running as it involves pubs, a beer round and late night fried food)

It was properly dark and a bit drizzly so I started off wearing my running jacket, but had to take it off after about 2 minutes and wrap it round my waist (how can people run in anything more than shorts and t-shirt?).

The track was puddly, but none of them were wide enough to require long jumps or wading, so I felt pretty confident.

I think I managed to keep on the beat for ~90% of the time, but what is puzzling me is that my lap times were 10:20, 10:41 and 11:14, surely that is the wrong order if I was hitting the beat? What am I doing in the first mile that makes me faster at a lower bpm? If I run to the Cocteau twins will I break the sound barrier?

Anyway it was a nice run with a few moments of "flow" where it all seemed to come together and now I'm just waiting for a second go at Speed on Wednesday. I'm also mulling a totally Laura-free run at the weekend, possibly down the Thames path, just me, Bobble and whatever comes up on shuffle as I don't do playlists.

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Sounds like you're doing the same weekly running sessions as me, post 5K: one Speed run, one Stamina run and one shuffle run. I don't understand why the pace decreases according to your stats. When I look at my splits I can't easily relate them to the times for the intervals on Stamina, but I'm running some off road on my Stamina day and it's hilly, so my pace is all over the shop!


I'm doing the same as swanscot - today was the own music run, 35 mins plus an uphill bit I usually leave for the walk home. Managed okay but was glad to stop at the top of the hill.

How do you measure your laps - have you got a smart phone, or a Garmin? I'm looking forwards to having proper stats when my Garmin comes. Only did about 4.5K today - but it was a steep hill... ;-)

I think a Laura-free run is a very good idea, mattaitch - that music is pretty souless though I quite like the 1234s and the reminders to keep the shoulders down etc.

Speed for me on Thursday. And one day I'm going to take my courage in both hands and go and try a treadmill :-)


I use Endomondo on my Android phone and so far it seems to be pretty accurate when I cross check it with google maps and pod cast times.

I was pretty tired this morning after my debauched weekend and I think I may have been shortening my stride to fit the beats, it certainly felt a bit slower.

I'll make sure I get a good night's sleep before Speed 2


same here. I dont seem to run any faster or further even though my feet are hitting the ground quicker with this podcast?

maybe its just building up the quicker leg movements & later on we can try & lengthen our stride :)



It's odd though that Speed did definitely increase my pace, but may be it's psychological. It's really frustrating to have to take the rest days, as I want to go out and do it again right away.


Ive got an audiofuel download thats called adrenaline junkie & the beat is really fast but this one does make my run faster, although still at a fast "snail" pace. I alternate between this & the speed podcast for my "tempo" run each week.

have you used any of the audiofuel downloads? they are great. only as expensive as a new album of running songs. if you go to the audiofuel site you can listen to a bit of each album to get a feel for them. x


I feel as though I'm running faster with both Speed and Stamina, but see little difference on my 5 km times. But I feel I *would* notice the difference if I ran on a level route.


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