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Im a graduate, starting again...? All I wanted to do was work upto 10k!

Well Im not sure where to post blogs, so have put on both sites! graduated in July and very happy,then post holiday came back did a couple of 5 ks and then my knees went on me. Think its ITB and have rested etc and then when I thought it was safe to jog tried again and knees just as bad. Been demotivated since and put on 1/2 a stone which wont help my knees! So today felt motivated, it was sunny after all! Decided to take it very easy and do week 1 and 2 and try to adapt running style etc. Well now I realise that Ive also lost my stamina. Managed it but looked like a beginner again. Tomorrow will work on ITB exercises and book gait analysis session. Hopefully will be able to build upto 5k quicker than 9 weeks. Fingers crossed-not my knees because that hurts!

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When I was looking into knee issues, I watched a video on YouTube about ITB and a strap ou could use to stop It affecting your running, maybe worth a look, it worked by stopping you nerve rubbing against your knee somehow. Good luck


I'm sorry about your setbacks. I too graduated and then pulled a calf muscle and was laid up for weeks. I thought it would take ages to get back to graduate-level fitness, but believe me it doesn't. I was completely out for three weeks and then I started back with 10 minutes, 15 minutes etc etc I was back up to 30 minutes after 5 weeks. I really took it slowly, but I think it paid off and every extra 5 minutes gives you that sense of achievement we had during C25k.

Don't be glum, I'm sure you'll make it back in no time and if your knee problem is resolved then you have all your life to run in! Very best of luck!


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