All set for W9 R3 this weekend...husband wants to do my graduation run with me. Should I let him?

So this morning while the stars were out at 5am I got up and out for W9 R2. Completed it, was very very chilly but getting some new gear at weekend to celebrate my graduation. So got a few weeks now I've been hinting (telling) my darling husband he should give this running thing ago. He has only piped up today he'll "do my next one with me". So that's my graduation run. He's of semi fitness, not done any kind of training. Should I agree, I'm scared that he'll make it so I don't finish my graduation run 😣. I love him and am chuffed he's decided to give it a go but am I wrong to maybe not let him do my graduation with me? Was going to do it on park run on Saturday but changed my mind and decided to do a Sunday morning as I love running on a Sunday morning and do my usual run to see if I can get a good time/distance compared to a few weeks ago.

Am stuck now, finally get him interested. If I say next time he might not want to know again..... advice please


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26 Replies

  • Though one. I'd say let him run. You wouldn't be running side by side anyway. For you it's one run, for him it might be lifestyle change.

  • I'm at the same stage as you and had a major problem with gremlins last night. Happily many fellow runners (ooh, does that make me a runner, then?) encouraged me and drowned out the noise the gremlins were making this morning. I did my Wk9 Run2 about an hour and a half after you did yours and will (hopefully) do Run 3 on Saturday morning.

    Like you, I've been telling my OH he should give C25K a go BUT if he told me he'd come with me on Saturday morning I'd tell him that it wasn't a good idea (aka 'No you won't').

    To me, C25K is my challenge and I'm doing it my way. I've come far enough to want to finish it by myself. I'll happily run with him another time, another day but not my Graduation Run. I'll even consider starting at the beginning again - I need to get some speed and this might be the way. But NOT my Graduation Run!

    If you feel the same way, perhaps you could simply suggest to your darling husband that Wk 9 Run 3 is not a good place for him to start! Would that work?

  • I know what you mean I made the discision to do this on my own and I am tempted to finish on my own, but a little bit of me wants to show him how far I've come

  • Oh now, that's a different matter! If you're confident enough and know you won't be put off by him talking or walking or whatever, then absolutely strut your stuff!

    I'm not that confident in my running and I know damn well that I would be put off my stride - literally!

  • Tough one. Since you have been hinting that he should run it would be difficult to refuse his what he thinks is encouragement by running also. Look on the bright side that it will encourage both of you.

    Should you not complete Graduation run for any reason put it down to practice run and run again another day . Should it end up in divorce courts don't call me !!

    Whatever happens keep on running !!

  • Your safe. 10 years married and 3 kids takes more than a run to squish. X

  • Thanks for that ! Have to be careful what we say. Glad that's 3 less children coming from a broken home. I'm married 32 years . My wife does not want to run with me ! Maybe run away ! HaHa !

    Let us all know when you graduate !

  • My friend at work who is training in his own way for the 5k we both signed up for says I should let him but warn him. Just quote pirate's of the Caribbean. Who ever falls behind gets left behind, show him how far I've come and maybe if we do well he'll appreciate just how much effort I've put into this. Still not decided yet. He'll probably drop out of doing it anyway tbh. He's not really a morning person

  • I'd get him to greet you as you cross the finish line and then maybe start to run with him next week.

    Although you want to get him moving, don't let him crash your party!

    ( there's always the possibility that he would just run it and find it easy which would be SOOO annoying!)

  • Yeah knowing him he will then boast about how he did it with no training grrrrrr I can just see it now. That's what he did on my great north swim this year despite not really been a swimmer. I haven't told him I slowed down so we could finish together 😆

  • I agree with Ullyrunner , you've worked hard for this Jo , its YOUR journey and YOUR moment of glory !

    Pesky Husbands- Pah ! Moan, Grumble ! :-) xxx

  • It's great that he wants to run. I graduated about a week ago and now I have press reset on the app and am doing it all again with my husband! I don't know that I would have let him do the graduation run with me. He runs faster than me, (as does most of the planet), and I really wouldn't have wanted to start off too fast on my graduation run. Having said all that, it is your run and you do it your way!

  • Ohhhh I don't know, I don't think he really gets how much hard work I've put in, he says he works on his feet all day, running was his thing in school (he's now 43) so he won't have a problem doing it but I really want to show him, it's not easy and I really do think he hasn't got a clue what running for 30 mins/5k feels like for us mere mortals. Guess I want him to see it takes hard work and real committment to do this now after a lot of years off excersise. I'll have a think, I can guarantee of its raining he won't be interested lol

  • I thought I was reasonably fit until W1R1! You'll have to tell him you won't go back for him when he's collapsed at the side of the road!

  • Definitely do your graduation run yourself. It's the culmination of your own personal running journey. Then by all means encourage him to start running himself but tell him you need to do the next one on your own. Good luck :)

  • Fully agree AM. That run is an emotional one, and all about you. He can wait one more run and join you next week.

  • I'd say do it by yourself and suggest that you do Parkrun together the following week. I am going to do my graduation run with my two dancing friends who also run. One is the galpal who trots round with me every week on my evening run and who has been there to listen to me bleating. Both run much much faster and further than me and have said they don't mind getting a Personal Worst by running w9r3 with me at Parkrun. They are just so delighted I have come this far and said they feel honoured to see me over this finishing line.

    As for husbands, especially ones who think they can just start from nowhere, they have no place on a graduation run except for waiting at the end to raise a massive cheer. Good luck, Wkdjojo , and enjoy your personal moment of glory :)

  • Ooh dilemma. Thing is I really enjoy running with my own thoughts. Depends whether he would be hurt if you say no. I wouldn't run with my hubby - he's done sprint triathlons so I'd be left gasping for breath. Good luck with the decision and your graduation run. Mine's tomorrow morning. What a great journey we have all had - life changing 🙀

  • So said to him tonight, so you wanna run my graduation run with me? 30 mins none stop? Do you think you can do it?

    He looked down sheepish and said I don't know. So who knows! I'm doing it with or without him. It's an open invite to him but I honestly don't think he'll do it! Xxxx

  • I would have to say... on your own... maybe, try and explain, firstly, how much you love him and how important he is to you and how thrilled you are about his wanting to run... but could you be a tad selfish, as you would like to finish what you started alone ?

    The first post graduation run will be a new start.. for him and you ? You can run with him and enjoy it... :) get him to meet you on your finish line! You will show him how far you have come... and he can be proud of you.

    It is hard.. but.. there , this was your journey and this will be your moment... tell him he can help drink the champagne !!! :) x

  • Lol, different perspective from male and female posters. 😂

  • Have to say I'd love it if my wife took an interest in running but... I'll make it easy for you just say no.

    In a nice way of course!

  • No it's your graduation, you've worked hard for it. It wouldn't be safe for him to even try and run 5K if he doesn't have any experience, he might get injured...does he even have proper running shoes? I'd encourage him to do the programme properly, I would with anyone, you could do that with him maybe?

  • I did graduation with my wife, so I know what its about, if he's like what you say he's like, that's just an annoyance, do it on your own..

  • Did it on my own, thanks for advice but he admitted last night he couldn't do it and didn't have the right running shoes to even attempt it lol

  • That's a good idea, but wait a minute, he surely can't just go out and run with you on your graduation, he must also do the 9 weeks training, you say he's not had much training so it would not be wise for him to do it just like that.

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