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Week 8 finished - I'll be graduating next week!!!

OK I don't like to jinx it, but I can't believe all going well that I'll be graduating next week. What a journey! Each run in itself feels like a journey and some go on forever!

That is what I feel about week 8. I still don't feel that comfortable when I'm running and don't always even enjoy it, some runs seem to drag, and it seems to take me ages to get a steady pace, (definitely not within 5 minutes when Laura pipes in!) but I am getting through without stopping, at a decent speed and the feeling of accomplishment after always makes it worth it.

So best to focus on progress I think. Week 8 held a few firsts for me:

- first run in the dark

- first run over 4.5k

- first time I burnt over 300 calories on a run (according to mapmyrun)

- first time I wore running gear (I wasn't running naked before, honest!) - now I feel like a runner!

When I got back from my run just now, I had a nice present waiting for me from Amazon, a new CD. I have been ordering lots of new music in preparation for creating my own running playlists, I can't wait! :)

Looking forward to tackling the final week!

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That must be an amazing feeling to have come this far and with graduation in your sights!

Well done you!


Thanks! It really is a great feeling. When I think back to the early weeks and how far I've come. I waffle on at everyone I meet with tales of running and most seem pretty impressed with the progress this programme offers in such a short time. It really is great!


It always amazes me how one run can feel amazing and others such a struggle.

Fantastic firsts, you may worry about you pace, but 4.5K is great in week 8. I find that the first k or so my pace is all over the place and i settle into a rythme in later Ks

When you graduate next week you have the stepping stones podcast to look forward too, it's a challenge, but definately helps with pace. Good luck next week :-)


Thanks Phil, that's great. I am looking forward to taking on the c25k+ podcasts. I tihnk I need ot remember just how far I've come over the last few weeks and not ask for everything all at once! :)


You are almost there rollertoaster!!!!! :-) I'll start chilling the bubbly! :-)


Yes! You get that bubbly on ice, I'm a comin' to your party!!!


Right on, Rollertoaster!!!! That was an amazing week for you, with so many firsts and three more runs in the book!! Ooohhhhhhhh and a new present!! I love presents...I LOVE STUFF!!

I think that we may just have to keep our graduation party going so that you can join us next week!!




Yay! I can't wait! Soon you'll hear me tapping on your door, wanting to join the biggest party! There seem so many of us graduating around now, it's great!


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