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Week 8 Finished!


Still can’t believe it when I finish another week. Each run is good (after the first 5mins) and I’m not absolutely gasping for air when time is up. Consistent running distance of 4.10 - 4.26K so happy for that. I doubt I’ll cover 5K in 30mins by end of Week 9, not even worried about that. Who knows, the extra two minutes in Week 9 might take me closer to 5K...watch this space!

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Good work, almost there now!

Maybe58Graduate in reply to Fimoo

Yep, graduation in sight!

Well done. I’m just about to start week 9. Doesn’t it feel great to have completed the full 8 weeks 😁

Maybe58Graduate in reply to TracyBurr

Yes it does! I wish I hadn’t prevaricated for so long and started sooner. Some runs were really hard but I got through. Good luck to you too for Week 9, see you at the finish line 🎉🏅

Well done

Well done. I am about to start my week 9 today.

Maybe58Graduate in reply to C25k100

Good luck!


Well done 👍 3 runs left and you’re there 👍💪🏻🤸‍♀️


Well done!! Keep going, distance doesn’t matter x

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