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Hold the door.... I'm coming to the party!!!!

I'm off to Gayle and Smhall's for the party, so long as they don't mind an incredibly sweaty bright pink person joining them! Just got back from W9R3!!!!!!

I've been surprised at this week's runs, last week was so incredibly hard! 28 minutes absolutely shattered me. To the point where last Friday evening hubby and I were meant to go out (date night) but I ended up curled up on the sofa for the evening after the run (in fact they were lucky to get fed dinner!).

But this week has been easy peasy and I've even broken my programming on all 3 runs and not stopped when Laura's told me to!

Today's stats: Total time (I remembered to set the timer going on my iPod) 35 minutes 22 seconds

Total distance (according to map my run) 5.04Km!!!

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woo hoo! So many new graduates, well done.


Whoopppp!!! Congratulations on graduating and the 5k... A great time too!


You are a GRADUATE! Feels great doesn't it and what a fantastic time. I didn't make 5K till at least 2 or 3 more runs after graduation. Have fun at the party :-)


Well done mrs Graduate, you've only gone and bloody done it. Superb feeling Isn't it!!! Congratulations!!!


Wow! Well done and great time. Sounds like a fab graduation run!


Fantastic - well done and welcome to the just-post-grad world of Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina!

Your stats are almost identical to my 'own music' run last week - isn't it a pity we can't go out jogging together?? ;-)


Fantastic news, congratulations....what next :-)


I am doing a happy dance for you Beads!!!!!!!! Wine is chilling and the party horns are out! How could we ever turn your cute little bright pink face and sweaty body away? :-) It sounds like party time at the Hall's! RUN ON OVER!!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS, I hope you are sticking around here on the board! :-)


Absolutely wonderful, Beads!!! It sounds like an amazing W9 with three great runs!!! Now, that is how it is done!!!

Get yourself on over to the party!! The house is filling up quickly as it seems that this is a great week to graduate!! Sweaty and bright pink seems to be the order for the day!!

Congratulations!! Get your polishing rag have a badge coming to shine up!!!



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