To The Stars - Run 9.1 Destroyed

To The Stars - Run 9.1 Destroyed

Hello week niners! It's jolly nice to be here. Well I've reached for the stars and seem to have got there :)

There are a couple of important things happening today - something north of Hadrian's Wall and the fact that I, that's me, have run continuously for 30 minutes and not a million miles off 5k.

I nearly turned back around when I heard the first track up was Julie! When Laura said 'final week - 30 minutes' I felt 'wow' I really have come some way and felt rather proud of myself. And then I ran for 30 minutes - - just a nice steady pace without feeling it was a race. I thoroughly enjoyed it, breathed easily, put on a small spurt for the last five minutes and an even bigger one for the last two minutes - and because of my now longer route those last two minutes were uphill (bad planning) And it was arms reaching up to the skies, big insane grins and whoops of delight. This has been such an amazing ride. So that's 9.1 slaughtered, destroyed, annihilated - sorry these runs get me blood up - och aye :)

Two more to go and awards ceremony, shiny badge, party and falling out of the taxi time... :) However there may be a little problem - watch this space...


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  • Ha ha , Ive got to hand it to you my very favourite , all time Sandgrounder, Well done !

    Sounds like you had a fab run and totally nailed it - take that !

    Well, wont be long now 'till the BIG day. I hope you've got your tuxedo out of mothballs and your dicky bow all waiting and ready to go :-)

    Fab post as always, and I am definitely going to watch this space ....... I hope everything's okay xxx

  • All is wonderful thanks Poppypug and many many thanks for your support - sometimes I feel you pushing me along on these runs :) My little problem is nothing to worry about - indeed a little amusing I suspect :) XXX

  • Ah good, I am there in spirit Runon, sometimes I am even hid behind that post box at the end of your street . ha ha I am joking , I don't do that anymore, well not since my last restraining order :-D

    Ooooh I am intrigued about your "little problem " . When you feel ready to tell, I am all ears :-) xxx

  • All in good time Poppypug - you know what you're like (i.e. next post :)

  • Yaaaay! Well done! I'm behind you!! We should have a joint party!!!

  • Let us do it - Can we have balloons and cake? And perhaps not have 'Julie' playing in the background :)

  • Dare I ask?

    Who is Julie?

    Is this part of some secret initiation into the higher echelons of C25K, only revealed to those crossing the week 7 / 8 threshold? Do I need to roll one trouser leg up?

  • A Funny Handshake will do... I'm afraid I was told to wait and see... and so it is passed on down but all shall be revealed in the podcast of week 8 - those just using the App. aree spared this :)

  • Brilliant Runon -clearly going to smash the final week! Can't wait for the graduation party !

  • Thank you Ully - Yes it is a smashing time :) Grad Party here we come - whoopee!!!

  • Ooh, exciting! So glad to hear you're almost, nearly, just-a-bit-more, come-on-you-can-do-it there!

    In the words of Mrs Doyle (Father Ted) go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and here's a miaow from my imaginary kitten....)

  • I love Father Ted!! 'Drink!!!' And I shall go on & on & on.... I shall imagine myself on the prow of Titanic with Atomic Kittens - Hummmm... Titanic... wasn't there a slight problem with Titanic.

  • Probably safer to imagine you're on Dougal's milk float. Don't go above 5 mph or the bomb will explode!!

    And of course watch out for those mustachioed babies...

  • Well done Runon,

    from your description, it sounds like you had a nice run, and met Julie. :)

    I only listened to week 9 the once, on my last run (Just in case I had missed something) and Julie is something else isn't she? LOL.

    Will be looking out for you and your shiny badge next week [thumbs up]

    Janet x

  • Many thanks Janet - congratulations to you again - Julie is definitely something else!!! I suspect she may be in hte podcasts just to check that the runner has a pulse and is able to react to noise! I see my badge (assuming all goes well) as more like a banner - the kind they tow behind planes :)

    David X

  • From dreading 60 seconds to happily running 30 mins. Isn't this programme amazing? And so are you, Mr Runon ... and on and on ... x

  • Thank you so much - it is indeed an amazing programme - and just think of all the people it has helped - fantastic - probably the best medical breakthrough since penicillin :) XX

  • Well done Runon, you're almost there. Just a couple more runs and you'll reach the dizzying heights of graduation. Go for it :)

  • Thank you Ms. Ancient Mum, I do like dizzying heights. Strangely there's a small part of me that does not want to graduate - I like the challenge of going from a non-runner to a runner - and although I may have challenges of greater distances or faster times I will never quite find a challenge quite as life changing as this. Probably a bit like having a baby but not as noisy. Thank you for your encouragement and support :)

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