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Arrgggh injured again!


I'm so frustrated with my body for keeping on letting me down like this! This is my fourth injury during the programme and it's a definite test of my tenacity to keep on going, but going on I shall! Should be running W9R1 tonight but my right foot has other ideas so I'm taking another rest day in the hope that tomorrow it will feel better. I haven't run since Saturday and I really don't know what I've done this time - injuries up to now have always involved my knees but this pain is around the side of the rear foot and along the outer edge of the foot where it arches. Have had absolutely no problems in this area since I started the programme in February - I've had gait analysis and decent running shoes, so can only assume I picked it up during Saturday's run, although I never felt a thing at the time. It's all so frustrating, but I've been here before so I know that with help of my bed bud RICE I'll soon be back out there. It's just that I'd so been looking forward to finally graduating at the weekend!!

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Hi GOTS, sorry to hear your out with an injury I'm plagued by the same just now. I hardly dare say this too but you describe similar to what I have and for me its Plantar Fasciitis its quite hard to cure and can be very painful. I hope it turns out that I'm wrong in your case and perhaps its just a bit of foot arch strain and will go away with rest. You could try freezing a bottle of water and using it as a roller, it will help reduce any inflammation. Hope it settles soon for you so you can complete the programme and well done for getting this far.

Thanks Oldgirl, it's certainly a possibility. I'm just really shocked at how many injuries I've had, especially after 15 years of yoga! It just goes to show what putting new stresses on our bodies can do.

Thanks KittyKat, I thought my body infrastructure was in pretty good shape too, and that just my engine needed some work!


Aw Im sorry to hear that , these injuries are so frustrating when they come out of nowhere aren't they ? We are so focused on when were next going out, what route we are going to take, then it all goes to pot . I hope you recover soon, take it easy , you will get that graduation party ! :-) xxx

Thanks poppypug, I am determined to reach the end someday!


Just a thought but do you need to work on going slower and run on a softer surface? The programme shouldn't be as punishing as it is proving to be for you!

Thanks GoogleMe, I do suspect me pounding the pavements is having a detrimental effect!


I too suffer from Plantar Fasciitis problems and nothing really worked until I found this foot stretching/massage technique which really helped me although it is a little painful whilst first doing it. But please remember I am no doctor, just sharing what was so helpful to me ;)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to beforefifty

The other way you can achieve this stretch is to stand close to a wall and place your toes against it pointing upwards, you can deepen the stretch by bending your knee. This is one of the stretches I got from my Physio. I actually do it before I even attempt to get out of bed now by lying on my stomach and bending me toes the same way putting pressure on them, it does help stretch the plantar muscle as first thing in the day is the worse time for me.

Thanks beforefifty, that's very interesting, having watched the video I think my problems may be in the lateral plantar fascar - whether it is this or not, that stretch and massage feels wonderful so I think I may adopt it anyway!

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