Forever injured??!!

I haven't posted on here for some time. Graduated a good while ago and then embarked on a 10k programme. I am sidelined yet again due to a calf tear, albeit a grade 1. I'm having physio, icing, stretching and resting as much as possible but every time I think I'm ok, I go out for a gentle run and 'ping', it'll happen again or the other calf will go. I was very much enjoying my running and all the benefits that go with it, but now feel that my fitness will lapse and the weight will pile on again. I suppose this will read like a very negative post, but I've got to be honest, that's how I'm feeling. ive worked very hard to achieve what I've achieved to date (like you all), and now just feel like all the hard work and progress is slipping away and there's nothing I can do about it. Anyway, moaning over. Hope you all have a great new year and happy running for 2015.


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  • Oh pricey really sorry to hear abt your injury. I know you must be feeling gutted. I don't know what to suggest that would help but here's to a quick recovery. Are there an other forms of exercise you can do in the meantime? Have a happy new year and I really hope you are back running soon x :-)

  • Yes, I'm doing yoga to try and keep some sort of activity going!! But obviously not burning calories or as much fat! Im also going to do some kettle bell stuff too! Thanks for your reply, I'm sure ill be back in a few weeks! :)

  • Please speak to your physio (is this a Sports Physio you are going to?) about which other cardio exercise will be suitable for you with your injury. My sports physio told me cycling was ok with my injury, as long as I didn't use cleats and fasten my feet to the pedals and didn't stand on the pedals to go uphill. Maybe you can swim, but ask which stroke will not affect the calf muscle, or aqua aerobics if not swimming. If you don't swim or cycle, ask which gym equipment you could use.

  • Great idea. Thankyou

  • It's a ruddy nuisance! I'm so sorry for your bout of injury, you must be well hacked off.

    You could use your down time to get stronger by doing some gym type exercises. I do exercise dvd's at home and I've noticed that my strength and fitness has improved no end. I did this to support my running as I kept getting plagued with knee and ankle issues. Getting toughened up was the best thing I did. You have to keep doing it though. Swimming, walking and cycling will all help

    I hope you can get back to running real soon. Best wishes x

  • Yep. Doing yoga and will do kettle bells. Thanks for your reply

  • Hi lovely, you must be very frustrated with your legs at the minute! Letting you down when you need them the most....but yoga is fabulous for lengthening and strengthening muscles and kettlebelling is excellent for all round fitness and muscle building....but might I suggest a home workout program as well....variety and will challenge your body and hopefully help xxxx good luck xxxx

  • thanks for your words of encouragement. Very frustrating indeed

  • I have spoken to a friend who is raving about something called PiYo by Chalene Johnson....its a combo of yoga and Pilates but it's no easy ride and apparently she has done insanity and was still never able to do a full push up but after piyo....not a problem xxx

  • ill google it...thanks!!

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