Only 30 minutes between me and graduation - and I'm still nervous! Memo to myself: I CAN DO IT and I WILL DO IT!

Completed W9R2 today. That means I have run 30 minutes twice this week, and yet I am still scared about tackling my final run! Each and every run I have completed as 'prescribed', but it is taking me more than 9 weeks to complete as I was ordered to rest for a fortnight with a leg infection. I desperately want my final run to 'be right'.

How far will I run? Time will tell. Does it really matter?


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  • Another 'by the book' runner, eh? I am quite sure whatever you do you'll get there. It doesn't matter how far or how fast. It's not the final run. It's just the last run of this phase of your running 'career'. Good luck!

  • I guess you're right. Thank you for replying.

  • Of course you can do it. And R3 will be a breeze. It doesn't matter about the time or distance, just jog around with a huge grin on your face and then celebrate. Good luck.

  • Thankyou, although I'm not so sure about the 'breeze bit'! How did you celebrate on graduating?

  • You've already done the 30 minutes twice so you know you can do it. Enjoy your graduation run and look forward to that amazing sense of achievement that it will bring!

  • Ah, thank you!

  • You will be fine, good luck, I hope you have a great graduation run and well done. Now you can decide if you will continue with the 30 minute runs each week or if you want to push it further or join the park runs, etc :-)

    p.s. no idea how people celebrate, I guess for me I will take myself out for a pasta dinner (to fuel my next run) ;-)

  • I don't think I'll plan ahead, but what are these 'park run' things?

  • Take a look at the parkrun near to you. Free 5K weekly runs all over the place

  • Thanks for the web site. I'll have a good look.

  • Ah stridingedge-you're nearly there hon. One more run and you've Graduated!!!! Yeaaaah! So pleased for you. I finished run 6 today-without my ipod as the battery had run down, so didn't have any off the upbeat music and comments to keep me going (it does make a difference). Instead I concentrated on the sound my feet were making as I ran, and on my breathing-in with the left, out with the right, for something to focus on. I timed myself strictly and finished with my warm down walk. I feel good! I'm sitting here, having recharged my ipod, and reloaded my runs (why does it always delete the ones I haven't completed yet?). I'm really not into ipods, so can anyone tell me if you can mark up all the info to download in one go and answer the question re the recharging and deletion of material please? be everso grateful:-). I'm listening to the run 3 week 6 music as I write because, of course, I didn't get Laura's message at the end where she says you are a runner, and want to hear that.

    Good luck stridingedge for post Graduation training. I shall be asking you for tips in 2 weeks time :-).

  • Thankyou very much and good luck to yourself.

    Sorry I can't help with your ipod problems. I am absolutely clueless when it comes to down loading stuff - I had to get my nephew to sort it!

  • Ah bless stridingedge. I wasn't expecting you to know necessarily-a wide plea for anyone to help. Good thing you have your nephew around to sort it for you.

  • My hubby (smhall) and myself did our grad run last night. I was very apprehensive too, but with 2 other 30 minute runs, I knew physically I could do it. Looking forward to your grad blog posting!!!! :-)

  • CongratulationsX2! How did the pair of you celebrate?

  • You will be fine, Stridingedge. Don't worry AT ALL about your distance. All you have to do is run for 30 minutes and you've already done that twice. There's no need to prove anything, just enjoy your graduation run. We are all there with you! Looking forward to seeing your shiny green badge.

  • "all you have to do is run for 30 minutes." I like it! 9 weeks ago I could hardly run for 30 seconds and yet now I reckon I should manage to graduate. This programme is absolutely amazing isn't it? Thanks for your support.

  • You can and will do it - just trust Laura! Remember it doesn't matter how far, or how fast - just how long - and that's 'only' 30 minutes, exactly what you've already done twice before. Just go for it!

  • Thank you thepadre. I went for it and did it!

  • Very well done. It's a great feeling isn't it?

  • The only person it matters to is you. You can do it, listen to Laura.

    It took me 18months in stops and starts to complete the C25K but I did it, so can you.

    You have got to week 9, that is an achievement so 30 more minutes to feeling on top of the world, pricless.

  • That's real perseverance A BIG congratulations

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