Couch to 5K

Running again. I've missed it!! And I can STILL DO IT!! :-)

Yesterday, I went out for the first run of 2014, and my first run in well over 4 months, and I ran a solid 3K!! No watch (Garmin was out of charge after so long out of use *blush*), but from experience, I must have run for around 21 minutes!!

The main point of this post is in case there's anyone else (like me) feeling guilty about effectively throwing away all that great work, and trying to find inspiration to get back out there. Trust me, it is SOOO much easier second and third time around, and it feels so good!!

A brief history of me:

Two years ago I literally couldn't run 100 yards for a bus. So a friend recommended Laura to me, as I'd rashly told everyone I was going to do the RFL. I fell in love with Laura immediately (who doesn't??), and she worked her magic on me in time for the race in July. I LOVED it! But then life, a stressful house move, and a few other things got in the way, and I stopped running.

Exactly one year ago, on Jan 1st 2013, I took the plunge, dug Laura out again, and went out for a run. I managed a week 3 run, which I was pretty chuffed with on new year's day after almost 6months off. The programme is SOOOO munch easier second time around, and I fast tracked myself through it, and then carried on pushing. I signed up for,and completed, a 10K in may last year, which has to have been one of the proudest moments of my life.

In the summer, I did a couple of 5K races to keep my legs moving, but then life and other priorities got in the way again, and my last run was in early August. Until now!!

I'm going to sign up for another 10k in May, and I'm already looking forward to it. So if you're wondering whether to have another go, just do it. Put your trainers on and get out there. I guarantee that as soon as you start running you'll remember why you loved it last time!!

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I'm so glad you posted today , I'm feeling really miserable because I'm out of action , haven't run since Sunday because of a injury . I know yours where different circumstances , but it just shows after a long absence you can get straight back into it . Did you do any other cardio in your none running phase ?


Hi Rockette,

No, I hadn't made any particular effort to do anything, I'm ashamed to say. But it just goes to show that once your lungs and legs have learned how to do it, they just need a gentle reminder and a bit of practice.

As for you, I know that it feels like a 5 day break is massive, and will have sent you back to square one again, but trust me, it won't have. I don't know where you are in the programme, but this happened to me a couple of times the first time I did it, and its effect was always less than I'd feared. I used to go back and repeat whichever run I'd done before the break, then pick up from there again.

Have a go. Take it easy and don't try to go too fast. But have confidence in your fitness. You've worked hard to get it, and believe me, it really does last a lot more than 5 days. I guarantee you'll surprise yourself with what you can still manage.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


I'll be out of action for two wk the doc said , if not longer . I've got a sprained ankle . I can ride my bike as from Sunday & go swimming but def no running or any other weight bearing excercise . Your post cheered me up , so thanks .


Also cheered up by this as I'm out of action (maybe labrynthitis, ENT referral next week). I'm trying to walk most days to keep a level of fitness going - and yesterday couldn't resist breaking into a trot when no-one was looking, though didn't do more than 3 minutes as I as wearing walking shoes. Anyway I think that anything you can do must help maintain fitness. (I usually love to swim but would be afraid of drowing due to dizziness!)


Thanks for this post it is really encouraging. I am just starting again after a three month break and was worrying about how far I could go and if I could still do it after such a long time off and as a result have been putting it off. After this I think I will try to get out this afternoon and see how it goes. Cheers


I think stefliser as cheered a few of us up on here


Don't worry about 2 weeks Rockette, it will barely dint your fitness. I've had a few injury enforced breaks, longest was 6 weeks - first few runs back are always harder, but as long as you go easy on yourself it will come back.


Thanks notbad . It's frustrating , when you do the programme , graduate & then end up back on the couch lol


Yeah don't worry Rockette. I had so many damned injuries last year that I only managed one run in the whole of october and two in Novemeber. It takes a short while to get back to full levels, but as Stfliser says, it's way easier 2nd time around! I've managed to creep back, albeit slowly, so DO NOT FRET!


Thanks danzargo I have been fretting , I've never took on anything like this , all other fitness regimes haven't lasted for long , this is the only thing I've enjoyed doing & stuck to . I've never had injuries before & Iam also a bit of a drama queen lol


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