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I can and I will do it!!

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Dear friends, I choose to address you as friends although I don’t know anyone of you and we’re of different ages and backgrounds, most likely, but we’re connected by common purpose- to run 5k.

I would like to share with you my personal achievement. Not to boast but to tell you that it is possible. I’ve just completed my week 5 run 3. Yes, I’ve run for 20min but most importantly for the first time in my life I felt happy 😃 after run!!! I didn’t know till I had to choose emoji after the run. Now I feel really elated and I had a little cry, happy one. Now I know that I can do this and so can you. I believe in you!! By the way, I’m 22st and 5”10’. Have a lovely day my Friends.

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well done!

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Well done! 💪👍✔️🙂

Keep going, slow but sure and you’ll nail the sessions 🙂

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Fabulous, well done. Keep going , we await your graduation🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻👍🏼

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Well done, that's great- happy to be a friend! 😃

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I think after this one we'd all forgive you a little boast! Be proud of what you've achieved 😊

Well done!! The 20 min run really is a turning point for most people where they feel such a huge amount of achievement! On to week 6!

That’s fantastic. I can’t see me getting there only done week 1 and am repeating it

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Liborek in reply to twin01

You will. Trust the program and follow it. I couldn’t do week 4. I had to do repeatedly the first run as I’d always stopped after the first minute. So I went back to week 3 and slowly buildup my stamina. If you would see my first posts!!! I felt like I’m going to burst my lungs and die. I hated it!! Now I’m much better. You’ll do it!!! Just take it slowly, bit by bit.

Thank you all for the positive feedback; it’s much appreciated 😊

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Wow you are awesome. I’ve just finished week 3 and wondering how I’m going to cope stepping it up to 5 min bursts - any tips? 😊

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Liborek in reply to Suesky17

The best advice I’ve been given is: slowdown.....don’t rush....listen to your body and eventually you’ll find your rhythm...it’s not race.

As I’m rather fat and heavy another good tip that I’ve been doing is short strides, don’t put your feet to forward as it’s putting extra strain on your knees. Works great for me.

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Suesky17Graduate in reply to Liborek

Fab Tx Liborek, sounds good advice 👍

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Wow. Well done you. Must be an amazing feeling. Good luck with the rest of the programme 🙌🏻

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Liborek in reply to TJMazz

Thank you 😊

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