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Will I still be able to run for 30 minutes?

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I graduated in October and enjoyed running for up to 50 minutes. I haven't run for nearly 2 and a half weeks due to a cough. Will I still be able to run for 30 minutes? Should I wait for cough to clear up completely?

5 Replies

We went a little over 3 weeks due to "life" and illness. We ran our usual times, just at a slower pace. We surprised ourselves, thinking we had probably lost more of our fitness. I hope the cough clears up soon for you! Gayle


I was really pleased to do 30 minutes yesterday after 10 days off due to Christmas prep and a cold bug. See how you feel...just getting togged up and out there will help you to maintain the habit even if you just do 5 minutes warm up, 5 minutes running and 5 minutes warm down, that's 15 minutes of exercise. If you feel ready and you are over any feverish-ness, it is probably worth a try.


I would say wait for the cough to clear up before you run! BUT you can always go walking!!! 30-50min walk is much better than nothing! So while you are waiting to revover from your cold you fcan still do something for your fitness. I am positive you will be back to running 30min in no time.


The answer is YES. I've just been on medication for my back and have been out for almost a week, and I ran OK this morning -- same time, same distance just much slower. So go for it!


I too had not run for 2 weeks because of a cold, only managed 15 mins running, another 2 weeks off because cold/cough came back but went out this morning and managed full 30 mins. Psychologically I was ready for it although physically still not quite 100%. So go out do what you're comfortable with, and be reassured you will not have lost fitness. Do not run if you have a temperature.


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