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Completed Wk 5 R2 today and still not really seeing how I am going to be running for 30 minutes straight!

Completed the second run of week 5 today and felt a real achievement that I have progressed this far. I completed it with relative ease (by that, I mean I wasn't a crumpled heap in the corner of the park at the end!), but I still don't feel 100% confident that 30 minutes of running in one go is something I will be able to do in a months time.

Did anyone else feel the same at this half way point?

I have to say, I am really enjoying it and look forward to my next run!

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I think everyone who ends the run not a crumpled heap in the corner of the park is definitely happy with their day!

Or that may just be me......... O.O

Still got 4 weeks to go trust the force, I mean program, it'll see you right. I suspect 5 weeks ago you didn't think you would be able to run 2 x 8 minutes?

You are doing just fine :-D


When I finished that run and decided to look ahead at what I had coming to me and wow how that scared me. Like you, I didn't think it would be possible to be running a full 30 minutes in just 4 weeks time, but I didn't give up even when I had a bad run and had to repeat a run (or two). This week I finished w9r2 (for a second time-first time was a disaster) and I'm going to be running my first 5K on Sunday.

Like Greg said, just trust the force and you'll get there. You might not be running a full 5k in that time, but each run will bring more distance. Just pace yourself and listen to your body. The program really works. :)


I agree with Greg, dont worry about whats ahead in the program, just feel great about what we have achieved


To be honest, I never worried about anything much beyond a week ahead (too much else to worry about!)

There's actually no need to worry - you've seen all those "Graduate" badges ? Everyone with that badge started off at the same W1R1, had the same moments of doubt, got the same support from fellow C25K'ers, felt the same joy when they achieved something unexpected; managed to run for 30 minutes; looked back at 9 weeks ago and wondered "how did that happen?"

Trust the program and keep enjoying it !


I just did week 5 run3 last night at about 6 pm, still quite warm but breezy. This was a huge hurdle for me, I had a half hearted attempt and of course it didn't work out for me. I then repeated run 2 to get my confidence back. I then went for it and it was fine, a small amount of determination needed. As Laura says its all in the mind, and boy to be out the other side 30 mins doesn't seem such a long way away.

My personal opinion, look at your week 5 run 2 if you were comfortable with that move on and give it all you have got, if you found it tougher than the other third runs have an extra go at it, it's all building.

I wish you the very best of luck, you have lots of people here wanting to hear about your success. X


Like mrslazy, I completed this yesterday and yesterday morning was feeling panicked at the prospect of running a full 20 minutes but have faith in Laura. She will get there you there just like she'll get you through the 30minutes.

Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.


Heck, I still don't *believe* I can run for 30 minutes continuously and I've graduated. I just somehow keep doing it.


I agree with the comment about putting your trust in Laura. She will get you through this programme so make sure you hang on to her every word. Don't worry about what's to come in future weeks. Just concentrate on your next run and getting round without stopping. Laura will be there for you so don't worry. You can do it!! You might think you can't but you can.


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