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I can run for 30 minutes... and I've only gone and signed up for parkrun. Give me courage, C25kers.


I've done wk 9 r1. Oh my giddy aunt. I have actually done what it should say on the tin: gone from couch to 30 minutes. Me. ME! Like a lot of people, I'm a way off 5k yet. I worked out I'd done 4.33k, which would mean assuming similar pace I could do 5k in just under 35 minutes, which I'd be very happy with. And to top it all, last night in a fit of bravado I went and registered for parkrun. I have my Race for Life two weeks tomorrow, so I sort of thought a trial run in a group of people next week might be a good idea. I checked the results and was pleasantly surprised to find there were quite a few people who will theoretically be slower than me. I know someone has to come last and it doesn't matter, but still. I'd prefer it not be be me. I still don't know if I'll have the guts to go and do it next Saturday. Maybe I'll see how the final two (final two!!!) runs go.

I haven't posted for a while, so I'm hoping the people who were at about the same stage as me are doing well (hello LondonKel and Helen28 - you've probably finished as I've had to take a bit more time recently for various reasons).

I've added a pic of the trail I ran part of the way today. It was mizzling when I went out and did rain almost properly for part of it. I've decided I really like those conditions as it keeps my mouth from drying out!

And finally.... hope my fellow 5x50ers are doing well. Great group pic and blog by the way. I'm really feeling the benefits of it now, even despite not quite managing the full whack on some days. I am trimmer all round and stronger and bendier. Feels great.

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Its blogs like this that make me think that maybe, just maybe one day i'll be able to run for 30 mins! I'm currently on week 2 and just about managing 90 secs! Well done on your achievement :)

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You honestly will. The programme will see you through if you stick to it. From a week two perspective 30 minutes seemed as remote as the moon. And now here I am in my spacesuit ;-). Good luck with the rest.


Go for it Tati! Well done, you are making amazing progress! I used my fairly local ParkRun route to do my last C25K run on - a kind of 'I want to do do something different and special for this event' feeling ... Also, I was able to see how far off completing the 5k I really was! Anyway, did it all but used the start as a warm up and ended up walking a little at the end so, like you, I had a feeling I was get getting quite close. So, I too am now consolidating the distance thing, knowing perfectly well I can do over 30 minutes :)

I haven't yet entered a ParkRun, but that comes soon. It's great that you are booked in already, I'm sure you'll have have such fun ... and I'm assured that nobody thinks of these as competitive, just fun with other runners. Enjoy it all and the Race for Life too. Cheers, Linda :D x

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That's a good idea, doing a dry run so to speak. Thanks Linda.


Hello :) Very well done on your 30 mins.

Wow, looks like your running route is very scenic, lucky you. Not long until you graduate!

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Thanks. That is definitely the most scenic part. Lots of bits are more urban jungle. I only do this route on the odd occasions I run in the day, so normally I'm on the streets in the evening, which I do like too.


I like the word bendier, well done for taking on the parkrun, it is good fun and it is good to be running with other people (or in my case, behind other people)

You will finish the run, don't worry too much about the time, that will come. :-)


I wouldn't worry about the Parkrun, as all my friends told me, in a race, adrenalin takes you thru and it really does. I signrd up for a 10k having not long completed c25k and not only did I finish it, the first 5km was a new PB which I would never have believed. That was beginning of march. As it happens, I have just got in from running my 1st ever sub 30 min 5km. 29:54 and boy does it feel good. Go forit - you will be ace!!!!


Tati - I was just catching up on your blogs and your beautiful scenic picture has made me laugh as it couldn't be more different from my runs.On Sunday I decided to lengthen my street route as bored of the park and ended up cutting through some really dodgy housing estates with loads of kids drinking lager on corners hanging about. One great thing about this is I had my fastest pace ever - whenever you see dodgy kids you speed up!!

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