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About to do W1D2, but a question for gym goers?

HI all,

As you can tell from the above I am a newbie. Have never ever run in my life. Am a regular gym goer although i don't use the treadmill at all - but think myself fairy fit. But I ached so much after the first run! My question is how do you guys fit in the gym as well as three days of c25K? I feel like I will struggle to meet all my gym classes but I don't mind giving a few up as I feel like my body was getting used to them (I would never ache etc) and I ache like crazy after running. Also my legs are so so so flabby and the classes at the gym do nothing for them and I am hoping some running will help to tone them. I also recently started swimming again and feel like I am going to struggle to fit in three swims a week as well as the running

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I think its about finding the right balance for you. You cant do everything. Like you my legs were killing after doing my first and second run of week one. Its the tops of my legs and bum that really hurt, you're body is using muscles that it isnt used to using. I did W1D3 this morning and feel loads better. I also do some stretches after the warm down walk and found that this has helped loads.


Did it! My brisk walks are more like slow recovery walks. Developed a slight stitch today. Even ran on main roads. I planned my route the first time and I have no idea of time/ distance speed but my planned route was no where near enough - and I don't run fast!


I generally will do my run on the tredmill at the gym, then I will carry on with a gym session so I will do a bit more cardio and some weights. I find that I feel good carrying on doing other gym work after the run. I find that I can manage to go the gym between the runs, but do only what you can manage.


I think as long as you arent doing anything too strenuous between your runs (like that mental spin class!) then you should be ok to run as well as go to the gym. some sort of pilates/yoga class would be good for your running by giving you core strength. & swimming on the days off of running is great for stamina & I think helps with the "breathing whilst running" thing.

most of us on here are new at running. I'd never run before & managed to avoid it since opting out of PE at school (28 years ago) & now love it more than any other exercise Ive tried.

aches & pains are normal after starting this but if you have any pain that lasts longer than a couple of days then rest up until it has gone (knee/ankle/hip etc).

good luck with the rest of the plan & let us know how you get on. X


You'll be surprised by how much running tones and trims your body. I've lost far more weight and my bodies in far better shape now than at any time when I have been going to gym classes such as circuit, martial arts, boxercise etc. I ached after practically every session whilst doing the c25k. Im now onto 7.5 km and all the pains have gone. It's because your bodies not used to the exercise. Dont worry it passes with time!


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