Couch to 5K

Getting stuck in a rut, got to do something!?!

Since graduating, my pace seems to be getting slower! I'm still enjoying going out but I've been getting increasingly frustrated as I don't seem to be progressing so I've joined a gymn!

I've taken full advantage of the personal trainers, telling them specifically why I want to join the gymn, to increase my speed, build endurance run for longer and generally get fitter. I was tested for fitness and my resting heart rate is nearly at athelete level apparently! Good strength, poor flexibility and below average lung capacity.

The advice I was given is to do some leg strengthening excercises to build muscle to avoid injury, treadmill work on a steep incline, Pilates classes and a four week plan of three runs a week. One moderate, one short but fast and one long run making sure I get one day complete rest afterwards. He said to take my best 5k time and use it as a base and at the end of the month do a test run to see if I've improved. I was given lots of advice on nutrition too, three meals and three snacks, protein for recovery and loads of fruit and veg.

It's quite a science this running lark isn't it? Watch this space!

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The 3 runs you have been recommended is exactly what I'm now doing, did a slower 7.5k yesterday and enjoyed it in an exercise sort of way. Keep us posted


Yes I will! Time will tell, hey?


Sounds really interesting, thx for posting!


That sounds really interesting. What times/distances do you do for each of the runs?


Hi Jeds, the moderate run for the first week is 5k at a moderate pace, the short run is 2.5k using fartlek intervals, then the long run for the first week is 7.5k at a steady pace.

Week 2; Run 6.5k. Run 3.5k. Run 9k

Week3; Run 7k. Run 3k. Run 10k

Week 4. Run 2.4k. Run 2.4k. Test run 5k.

I'm doing the first long run on Saturday, my current time for 5k is 32 mins. I want to improve on that and be able to run for 10k. He emphasised the rest days as they aid recovery and make you stronger. Fingers crossed!


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