W9R2 DONE! Then on to C25K date night with smhall!!! ;-)

We went out for our second grad week run and nailed it!!!! :-) Steve was brilliant as ever and was even kind enough to lend me 30 seconds of his time! What a guy! I'm not near a 5K, only 3.84K, but in reality, fair for my short little stubby legs to carry me. The knee held up well with a brace and my feet were not so achy on the bottoms. All in all, my last two runs have went well other then knee issues. Thank you all so much for the concern over my knee, it is not 100% but not aching near like it was. Taking the cold shower/ice/elevation/support advice has helped tremendously!!! :-)

Things are different at the Hall house since we both started C25K, we each have our individual goals which we can still look forward to. We share a common bond of running now, Steve will always gain more distance then me, but I'm okay with that. He can run ahead and come back or we can meet up later. We support each other through the good times and bad times and we LOVE this site! The best thing to come out of our C25K journey is happening on to all of you! :-)

Now on to the biggest change: Date night after starting C25K! Our date night NOW consist of: ice packs, deep penetrating pain relief ointment, various support bandages, cold showers, the list goes on and on... heavy breathing can be heard, but that is just our running/recovery time. Moaning also, last night it was " at what point will we no longer hurt"... ;-) ;-) I even woke Steve up once to ask him if he would help me roll over. :-)

Soooo, if we stay on track this week...GRAD WEEK! :-) Looks like all of you are invited to a Grad party at the Hall house in the USA on Thursday night! We will leave the light on for you and have ice packs ready! :-)


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25 Replies

  • Well done guys!! One run to go and the shiney green badge is all yours :D Plenty of rest for the knee first though, just to be on the safe side.

    I love the date night scenario, comparing lotions and potions as to who has the most effective treatment!

    Although, you need to drop the 'only' from your distance (tut tut!) as in ONLY 3.84k.... errr, hello, could you imagine doing that distance when you started this? I think you mean you NAILED 3.84k 8-)

    I'm dusting off the pom poms ready for your graduation run, and the wine is on ice - hang on graduation badge, they're coming to get ya!

  • Yep! I nailed 3.84K in 30 minutes!!! :-) Lesson learned! I'm drooling getting ready for the cold wine! Keep those pom-poms dusted off, we are going to do this! :-)

  • Well done both of you! You'll have to have a celebration, sorry to hear about your aches and pains. Going to ice my calves again and try rubbing Arnica cream on them. (Someone on here recommended it a while back.) Great you have each others support. My hubby went for a walk round the park where I run today and he's also trying to give up smoking. It's definitely rubbing off on him as well.

    Two badges to claim, you should be very proud!!! :))

  • Best wishes to hubby! As an X-smoker, maybe by starting C25K it would keep his mind on the challenge. You must be setting quite the example now if he is wanting to get started. Rest the muscles and sending great vibes your way for the next run!

  • It's so sweet that you are sharing this programme together, ice-packs, deep heat and all. :-) Definitely echoing doggymum here, ONLY 3.84km? That's great progress, don't knock it, it's all about PBs - best of luck to both of you for your grad run.

  • Thank you notbad! I think my brain is still trying to absorb the fact I could take on and actually complete such a program! :-)

  • Great news and well done to both of you. I'm really looking forward to your Thursday blog it should be an epic.

  • Chewy, you are not very far behind us at all!!!! Steve may have the energy to post Thursday night, I will probably need to wait until Friday. Running and changing ice packs takes up a lot of my energy. :-)

  • Oooh how well you two guys have done, smashing hubby you have gdeann always there to support you when you're out running. I wish you all the best for your graduation run and party too. Will keep my fingers crossed that your knee holds up strong for you too. :)

  • Thank you oldgirl! It is nice to have each other for support but it is all of you here who has kept us on track also!

  • Oh my gosh, you are so funny... I love the description of your C25K date nights! The word "only" should not even be in your blog.... 30 minutes, you ran for 30 minutes without stopping!! Hard to imagine isn't it? How absolutely wonderful.

    One more run and you graduate!!

  • YES! I RAN 30 MINUTES! TWICE THIS WEEK! :-) Lesson learned on the negative self talk. We will be graduating the same time as you! How cool is that? You are giving yourself the best Birthday gift ever!

  • " I am so amazed and so tickled with myself! I never, ever dreamed I could do a 3 minute run!"

    gdeann - 20 August 2012

    That's what you said a few weeks back in one of your first blogs and look at you now! Well done, well done, well done!

  • Daystogo, what an eye opener! Thank you for posting this! I guess whenever we feel like we are not measuring up, we should go back and review our previous blogs just to see how far we have come. THANK YOU! August=3 minutes October=30 minutes!!!!

  • Well done Gayle - see romance isn't dead in your house lol!! Only one more run to go - cant wait to see you've both done it! C x

  • True Caroline, romance is going strong at our house and nothing stirs the senses like the wonderful smell of deep penetrating muscle rub!!!! :-)

  • Very well done to both of you! I look forward to toasting your graduation with the rest of the "family" on Thursday and of course you are more than welcome to join all us nearly-graduates for our parties as they occur over the coming weeks! Wow! Party season already and its not even Christmas!!! Best of luck! Sue x

  • Offer taken Sue! All of our C25K family is more then welcome at our party just as we are looking forward to all the future graduations! I love parties! ;-)

  • Well done Gayle :-) Graduation here you come. Looking forward to your grad blog.

  • Thank you Clare!!! You are doing great also! :-)

  • You guys are the best! Now that's true love; hubby giving you a hand to turn over in bed. Love al your blogs Gayle and I'm so happy you found this site. Every tim I read the I get a bit more inspiration. You guys better stick around here after graduation!!! :D

  • Ha,ha Fraz!!! I wrote i woke him up and asked, I never wrote he did help me roll over!! :-) Love reading all your blogs also! You are quickly coming up right behind us! :-) How could we ever leave this wonderful group of people? We will stay as long as no one kicks us out! ;-)

  • Thank you Sweetheart, but you give me far too much credit!! I only helped you roll over because you kept bumping my sore calves!! ;-) All kidding aside, I wouldn't be where I am without you by my side...in running, or in life!! You are the greatest and I Love You deeply and dearly!!

    Now, onto other serious business!! You won't listen to me, so will you please listen to these wonderul people? You are doing marvelously in this program!! It isn't about if you make 5K or not!! It is about how far you have come in 9 weeks!! 30 minutes...1/2 an hour...1/48 of a full day...YOU RUN THAT LONG!! You are amazing and you are a RUNNER!!!

    Now, we must start considering our graduation date night! I found some rose scented ointment and a very nice set of his/hers matching ice compresses...Whatcha say, Baby?????

  • Thank you for ALWAYS supporting me! Bring the rose scented ointment on, the menthol is starting to burn my nose! It truly is amazing that we are graduating this week!! Thank you for being my hubby and great running partner!! :-)

  • Can't wait to see you two graduate! What a great supportive, true love story - love the fact that you woke him to turn you over! Brilliant!

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