SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!! Grad week fireworks? Oh, wait, that's my knee! W9R1 FINISHED!

smhall and myself went for our very first grad week run last night! Such a lovely evening, we had a rain shower earlier and the clouds looked like the possibility of more rain. After reading all the positive postings about running in the rain, we were excited and in high hopes of experiencing it, making grad week even more special. :-) We set out for our run and all was going well. Doing our usual run of my plodding along and Steve running ahead of me and then backtracking back to me to offer encouragement along the way. True, he is my own personal Laura. ;-) I was never so happy to hear we were at the halfway mark, if I make half, my little mind tells me the second half is always better then the first half...we continued to run, Steve ran back and said only 10 more minutes! What the heck! My brain is starting to be warped! I actually said to self, ONLY 10 MORE MINUTES! I remember when 1 minute was an eternity! ;-) Off we ran and ran and ran...6 minutes left to the run I developed a kink/pain in my knee. 4 minutes left of the run, I had serious doubts if I could finish. Looking like an injured kangaroo, I was determined to not stop. I finished the run but just barely. Other then the knee, this run was better then the W8R3 horrible run I posted about. I am so happy I gave myself the mental butt kick to adjust my attitude and all of your words of encouragement and support this past week after W8R3. Otherwise I would be down in the dumps today but I'm not. This is Grad week and I am going to savor every single painful moment as well as all the good ones! :-) Today, I have some swelling and it is making popping and cracking sounds. I also have a pain that developed after the run up in my hip joint. I self treat from the internet and it sounds like its fairly common. I wrapped it with an ace bandage and will go purchase a proper support for tomorrows run. If anyone has suggestions or advice on the knee, any input will be appreciated. It never did rain. :-( As a side-note, we went to a local celebration here in Kansas, our version of Octoberfest. We had a fair amount of beer the night before and I'm positive we did not drink enough water the day of the run. Wondering if maybe I was a bit dehydrated and that caused some of the problem? Thank you as always for every single bit of encouragement and advice all of you offer, I would not still be here if it wasn't for all of you! Aching bones and all... ;-)


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  • So glad you managed to get through it gdeann and at least it happened near to the end; imagine if it had been near the beginning and it being grad week an' all! I hope you make sure it is ok before attempting R2 though I know its easier said than done - you just want to run dont you and complete this! Good luck and I wish the knee well....

  • True, this is Grad week and nothing will stop me!!!! I have never completed anything like this before and by darn, its going to happen as long as it doesn't kill me first! ;-) Thank you for the well wishes! I will TRY to listen to my body and not do tomorrows run if it is still bothering me quite a bit.

  • Well done gdeann, have you tried putting an ice pack on or frozen peas, wrapped in cloth or similar, don't get freezer burn!? It's helping my calves. Keep us posted and congrats again ;)

  • I may try ice! Awhile back Phil suggested on a question to spray cold water on the legs after a run and in the shower. I did do that. Good thing this is only a 9 week program, not sure how much body I have left for ice packs, ace bandages etc. :-) thank you for the well wishes runningwild!

  • Yep I swear by cold water run over the painful areas after my shower it takes any inflamation down. Anti-inflamatory tablets will help too if its severe. A gel pack popped into the freezer then wrapped around the knee during the day will help also. Hope its settles down for your last two runs.

  • Thank you so much for the suggestions!! Nothing like getting advice from the pro's.

  • Well done Gayle every step is another step towards your goal. It sounds pretty tough but it can only get better right ?

  • Chewy, in the pain stage of my run, you will be happy to know I thought of you! I believe you are known to post every so often, "no pain, no gain" ;-)

  • You're welcome, yes 'oldgirl' recommended blasting cold water on when I was suffering. Not long til the green badge!!! ;))

  • I've always had "clicky" knees, but since starting C25K they sound like gunfight at the OK Corral, but not necessarily painful

  • Mattaitch, me also... i have one that pops all the time. This was my other knee and decided to pain me! I think people were looking around to see if we had a drive-by shooting. I like your OK corral comment! :-)

  • If your knee's still sore take an extra days rest, I know you want to get to the end, but here's a cautionary tale. I ran W9R2 last Tuesday, knee had been a bit niggly, and after the run was quite painful and didn't feel right til Friday, I ran W9R3 on Saturday (parkrun), I got through the run OK (with elastic support), no pain, I then stood with other runners, drinking water for a few minutes and when I started to walk back to the car pain shot through my knee and walking has been painful since. Looking back I probably should have rested longer, but was impatient to get to "the finish".

  • Bettyjane, I will try to listen to my body, but like you, Grad week is a difficult time to have something like this come up. I am so happy for you! What a great way to complete your grad week runs, doing a parkrun! I hope the knee starts feeling better for you soon. ** I like your shiny new badge by your name! :-)

  • Wow well done Gayle. Great stuff toughing it out with a sore knee! Two more to go and you're a graduate but do rest the knee if it feels as though it needs it :)

  • Thank you Fraz!!!! I posted earlier that I am very happy this is only a 9 week program. I'm not sure how much more body I can cover with ace bandages, ice etc. I am beginning to think I need to invest in bubble wrap. It is popular here in the states as packaging material. I may just have smhall wrap me up from head to toe with bubble wrap and duct tape! :-)

  • Woooo go for it! you are so nearly there! Take care of that knee though. Hope it feels better tomorrow.

  • Thank you pelephant for the well wishes! I can be a tad stubborn and head strong so hoping it is better tomorrow. I may just have to have smhall push me in a wheelchair my last two runs. Does that count?? ;-)

  • Hugs to your knee - and ice packs and ibuprofen - and an extra day's rest if it isn't pretty much completely better tomorrow. I feel for you, I'd be exactly the same and I guess we've all gone out sometimes when we might have been better waiting - the main thing is you don't put yourself out of action for days to come, by not waiting an extra day or two now. Sorry if that sounds depressing and mumsy... ;-)

    Great good luck to you (both)!

  • Thank you Mitts! I promise to could I not? None of you have steered me wrong yet! You continue to inspire me!!

  • Well done again gdeann. I know you're on your way. Go easy on the Oktoberfest celebrations: I'm sure it makes the running more of a challenge than you want. Only two more runs to go?!

  • You are almost there!! Look after your knee though, I ran with a sore knee (and 10 year old crosstrainers) in W2 and had to take a few weeks off and restart... it is not worth pushing too much!

    I bought wrap around ice packs that I put on my knees as soon as I come in from my runs. I also bought a "Dr Ho's muscle therapy" machine (TENS machine) that I used all the time between runs if my knees or muscles were sore. So far so good!

    Good luck with W9R2!

  • Don't sell yourself short, Sweetheart!! You did an amazing job continuing on with last night's run!! I could see how much your knee was hurting you, but you kept going and pushed through to the end of the run!! You did great!! Now put the brace on, the ice pack on, take the pills and use the other 5832905 things that we just bought to get you through this week!! I am PROUD of you!!

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