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Stamina: The 25 minute wall

It's a month since I graduated and I've drifted a bit, still running 3 times a week but just to my own music, unsure what my next goal should be. I gave B210k a go (was finding it 'challenging' ;-) ) but last week a cold stopped me running altogether - when I went out on Monday after a week's break I really struggled and although I did 5k I was very slow and plodding, classic post-viral. Went through that whole cross with myself mood went full circle and finished up with a "The only bad run is no run" pep talk, read a few uplifting blogs on here which really helped too - I've said it before but YOU c25k-ers are a great lot.

I'd read a few of other people's experiences of the 5k+ podcasts and they sounded like they might just be the very ticket to get me motivated again so this morning I set out to Laura and the ominously named 'Stamina' (chosen only because 'Speed' sounded even more scary :-D ). Well! The music is rather good, upbeat, latino dance, a bit Zumba-ish, it certainly did make me pick my pace up with Laura chanting "1,2,3,4" into my lugs. After 5 minutes of this pace however I felt like I'd hit the wall, it took all I had to keep going - then she tells me it's time to pick up the pace... Excuse me? 160bpm? I normally run nearer 150bpm max...

I kept it up best I could, 1,2,3,4, but goodness it was hard work, I normally slow down when I get tired but this podcast doesn't allow for such luxuries, 1,2,3,4. Then about 5 minutes from the end it suddenly didn't seem so hard, the 1,2,3,4 seemed easier, like I'd come through the wall. Unbelievable, this running lark constantly surprises and amazes me, just when I think it's too tough it suddenly becomes easier (happens the t'other way round too unfortunately), I don't think I'll ever be able to predict it.... But over all it's fun, and the achievement after a push like this is worth it tenfold, even if my face was as red as beetroot and my legs ready to drop off.

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It's a great feeling isn't it? :-)

I did Stamina for the second time today and found it just as tough as last week. The first ten minutes were hard going despite a slight downhill for five, then on the level. But I gritted my teeth and carried on.

After about 20 minutes I really wanted to walk, but I stubbornly carried on and finally got into the groove and felt ok. I managed the 5 mins of 165 bpm this week (which I hadn't done last week). The first couple of minutes of this was done on the roughest off-road section and although my feet were hitting the ground at 165 bpm, I wasn't going very fast I was sort of dancing around the clods of mud and tufts of rough grass.

At the end of the running session on the podcast I kept going! :-) For another !5 mins. :-) I was probably going about 158 bpm. I felt great when I finished and walking back up the hill to the house I really felt I'd done a proper training session this morning.

The stats on Runkeeper say I did 7.77 in 50 mins, which I'm pleased with.


You should be pleased, that's great going. I have no idea about my stats at all, I'm really going to have to sort out either a Garmin or a smartphone and bring myself into the 21st century! I'm not sure if I did meet the pace or not, but it certainly felt like hard work - did 'Speed' today - yikes!


The Runkeeper stats are recorded on a hand-me-down iphone given to me by my son's girlfriend when she bought a new one,


Jolly well done notbad, I have just completed stamina too and have to say that I thought, when Laura announced at the beginning that "we" would be doing 20 minutes at 160 bpm, followed by 5 mins at 165 bpm, "not blooming likely"!!!

During the middle of the podcast I think I was probably lurking down towards the 150 bpm mark, but to my surprise was able to pick up the pace at the end and run 165. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

Nice running!


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