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Stamina & Speed

NHS & Laura you’ve done it again

You’ve made us work and caused us pain

Laura said Stamina would work

To do it right we could not shirk

1,2,3,4 that’s the rate we have to go

1,2,3,4, keep it going you’ve got lots more

1,2,3,4, we have 10 minutes then 15 to do

Oh my word not more! I can’t, can you?

1,2,3,4, I’m nearly there I’ve got no more

1,2,3,4, I’m puffing and panting nearly on the floor

1,2,3,4, well done said Laura only 5 minutes more

Now I’ve gone through the worst I can give some more

Speed it up for the last 5 minutes Laura said

You can’t be serious don’t you know what’s in my head

Those magic words you spoke before, Oh boy 1,2,3,4!

Stamina I found and I’m now back at my front door. :)

Now Speed I loved it was short and sweet

It made me feel like I had dancing feet

I would love to have done this yet again

There was no doubt it didn’t cause me pain

I will work with this and do it lots more

I might even count like Laura 1,2,3,4!!!!!

I love this running and have to say

I am grateful I found I could do it that day

That was the day I found the first Podcast

That’s a whole year ago back in my past

And now Laura’s back saying I can give more

She’s counting out faster, 1,2,3,4

I’m going to get faster of that I am sure

By listening to Laura’s count 1,2,3,4!! ;)

That’s enough of this rubbish I am no poet

I’m better at running and at least I know it!!

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Fantastic :)


Oh old one you r a poet and ï love your blogs Pat


love it... very funny! :) :)


keep 'em coming!



1,2,3,4, Laura's count works well its given me more

Stamina today I found my feet hardly touched the floor

1,2,3,4, Parkrun I did faster than ever before

It works, I swear it works this 1,2,3,4, ;)

My PB was 20 seconds less than before its all down to

Altogether now - Yep its 1,2,3,4 :)


Oldgirl, I loved your poem! Think I'll write one too and show 'em!!!


Love your poem:-)


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