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Wk7 R1 - hated it & had a few choice words for Laura

Don't know what was wrong today. Wk6R3 was great, this was awful, the sun was shinning but my legs were like led, my breathing was awful, after 5 mins I thought give it up, but I got the bit between my teeth and thought no way am I giving in to you Laura.

I was thinking of ditching Laura and her awful choice of music and create my own playlists for these jogs (can't call it running - it would be a lie).... so glad I didn't.... as Laura got on my nerves today but that made me push on e.g. "you should have found a nice easy pace now".... no Laura I haven't the only pace I want is the stand still type .... shut up Laura!!!.....and then she thought I was going to up my speed for the last minute....get stuffed Laura!!!... your having a laugh.

Then I'm doing the 5 minute warm down and all is good again, I felt good that I'd done it and Laura was my bessy mate again and the sun still shone.

Think WK7 is my version of the wall.....going to do a different route for next run and hope that helps.

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I had a wall at week 6, I think changing your route is a good idea. I did that and it really helped. Variety is the spice of life after all! Laura is right though, it does take some mental readjustment to take on these longer runs and you need to keep them interesting.

Good luck with the last few runs!


Thanks but feeling like I need more than luck.... true grit comes to mind though, perhaps that will help ..... along with the luck of the Irish... thanks


I just completed the same run. I too really enjoyed W6R3, but found W7R1 very difficult. I think this was bec unlike other weeks, there was no recovery run on R1, I have never wanted to stop so much! I use the 'zen labs' app which allows you to use your own playlist, I could only stand one run with Laura!


Thank god your in my camp.... good point well made about there being no rest (i.e. walking) I too have never wanted to stop sooo sooo much. I presume you have a smart phone, I have an ipod can I still download "zen labs" app?

Here's to WK7 R2 with or without Laura


Funny isnt it how we all have runs we enjoy better than others. I did W6R3 this morning and really stuggled so am hoping W7 will see better results for me. I ran without Laura this morning as though I like her I dont want the reminders of how long I have done/have left - I just want to continue through it and hope when I eventually look at my watch that I am near to the end...! A change of route certainly helps me...

Good luck on R2!


Hi sorry you struggled, you get less reminders in WK7 just halfway point and 1 minute to the end and then to get faster - yeh right Laura!! But the music gets no better.

I have a watch, but looking at it would do my head in, rather wait for Laura .. as much as she got on my nerves today she got me through it and my gritted teeth. I think I grit teeth cos of the music.


I found this one tricky too. But remember, you did it!! You didn't give up, whether it was because of Laura's encouragement or despite it lol. I often found myself answering her back, then wondering if anyone noticed I was talking to myself!

I confess that I gave in and ran to my own music courtesy of where it chooses your music from your ipod to match your pace. Then I used mapmywalk app to tell me every 5 minutes that passed so I could keep track. I wasn't sure how I would cope without Laura, but having my music has been a pleasant distraction.

I am finding week 7 tough, 25 minutes is a long time and I'm having to alter my route as they other one was too short, but the feeling when you finish is great. Laura is still there in my head reminding me to keep going and remember how good it feels and how far we've come!

Keep up the good work subhyst, you're doing a great job!!


Keep the faith, subhyst. I know exactly how you feel. I finished W7R1 this morning and it was very difficult for me, too.

I've been resting a sore groin for most of this week, so it's been nearly 7 days since I completed W6R3. My groin isn't completely healed, but I thought I'd better keep running. I found altering my normal run route and using my own music was helpful. You might consider doing that, too.

And, I agree with you that there are certainly times when my "run" seems more like a "fast walk." Congratulations on finishing and keep up the good work. You can do this.


The week 7 music is pants! I did my week 7 to W6 R3 which has the same timings. Lots of people make their own playlists as they leave the intervals behind and do longer runs. Hang in there - graduation is in sight and just because you have a bad run does not take away from all the good work you have already done! :-)


I'm sorry to hear that week 7 is proving to be difficult but for me it's reassuring to know there are others in the community that managed W6R3 fine then hit the wall at W7. I've always run outside so far but I think I'm going to try running on the treadmill tonight just to try and get my confidence back and prove to myself that I can run for 25 mins! Good advice about using W6R3 podcast too, I might try that and see if it makes a difference. Good luck to all my fellow strugglers out there. Don't give up now we're nearly there! I'm determined to get that graduation badge after all the hard work. Fantastic blog by the way really made me giggle!!


Cocospeedy - good luck just done wk7 run 2 - still not good.


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