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Stamina - Oh so hard!

I wasn't feeling very motivated at all this afternoon to get out running. Maybe because I've had a cold for over a week now and not sleeping too well.

Anyway at 4.30pm I had a quick look on here as I shut down my work laptop and saw the blog on the stamina pod cast and thought... umm maybe that will be good.

So off I set, Laura rabbiting on in one ear, one ear tuned to traffic and murderers.... Warm up - fine, First 10 minute run seemed okay, I was a bit out of breath and seemed to be struggling to maintain a easy rhythm but stuck with it - then a little bit faster - uped the pace. Well this might have been okay, except I had to stop running to cross the road. And then I didn't know how fast to go... and Laura had gone off to make a cup of tea or something so I just went sort of fast. and it was hard. After what seemed an age Laura chips in with her 1,2,3,4, I had been running quite a bit faster. So now a bit knackered, and not looking forward to the big hill on way home either. Have a little gremlim chat, give up? no!

Carried on, but when we had to up pace again, at bottom of hill, despite my efforts there is no increase in pace on my runtastic app showing. (Although I didn't slow either, so maybe as it was up hill that counts?) I did just about manage to get a bit quicker for the last 5 minutes but was aware as I ran through my lovely village that I looked like an extra from shaun of the dead... face bright red, gasping and rasping for air, lips deadly pale and a bit spit flecked and pony tail had lost fight with gravity so hair all over shop too. The cover of running world - I think not.

I then had to run PAST my house. Awful. My whole body was arching towards home, but I battled on and finished the run. But it was hard and I didnt enjoy it. I think I prefer running to my own music. Maybe I'll do my own stamina run using feedback from Runtastic to up the pace every 10 minutes.

I'm suprised I found that so hard as did the speed session on Tuesday and it was okay and I managed to carry on running (albiet slowly) at the end of it.

Anyway - next run - Sunday. Aiming to up time from 50 minutes to an hour. SLOW jog. (8-9km per hour) Maybe the sun could shine?

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Brilliant blog and gave me my first laugh of the day. Love your likeness to a zombie! I often wonder what state I must look like to everyone who goes past me. Now the kids are off school and they are wandering the streets early evening, I am sure I must be more than entertainment to them. Glad I have earphones in and cant really hear their sniggering!

I have read stamina is really really hard so well done for giving it a go and sticking with it and best of luck for Sunday, keep us posted :-)


Will do, although feet are killing from 5 hour walking tour... of bluewater shopping centre and every dress shop in there! Hopefully they will have recovered by tomorrow!


8-9kph? Slow jog? That's full out sprinting for me!!!!

Well done :) It's a hard one, that one!


Thank you. It was horrid and hard. Not playing with that one again I think.


Well done for giving it a go! I tried Speed and Stepping Stone but then my ankle hurt so I have gone back to v-e-r-y s-l-o-w for a bit :D Love the thought of Laura going off for a cup of tea :D I think you're going a lot faster than me as well - I did a 12.5 minute mile today which works out at 7.46 minutes per km. Oh well!


Yes I really hurt my ankle after running speed, but have done since and it was okay this time. I have to just try the stepping stones one, but I think I do prefer my own music really. Already planning tomorrow's soundtrack - something gentle, maybe Ellie Goulding, Dido and Adele, with a little retro Karen Carpenter to boing along to! (I can imagine some people on here would rather cut thier own ears off then endure that play list but i love it!) :-)


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