So, would you rather not know?

I did my Couch to 5K without looking ahead to see the exercise schedule. So each week (or run in week 5&6) was a discovery in the warm up walk.

For me it was a conscious decision. I could just leave the house for a run without any perception of how hard it might be, and so I was less likely to think of reasons not to go out.

It worked for me.

What do you think?


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  • Sounds good to me... I've no idea what I've got ahead of me.. just did W3R2 this morning. Sometimes when I'm a bit further away from home I use the music from the next week's 5 min walk to get me the last bit of the way. Then I sometimes hear what Laura has in store. BUT, not knowing really works for me :-)

  • I'm not that brave, or not patient enough to find out what is in store next! Or maybe I am just nosey. Whichever one it is I usually look and see what the next run will be so that I can prepare myself. Then when I am ready for the next run I am like 'bring it on!'.

  • Whatever works for you is best. I printed out the sheet of notes for the whole nine weeks at the start. I liked knowing what to expect for each session, just as I'd research what to expect when planning a long hike.

  • Hi logical_shark, the first time I did C25K I didn't even download all the weeks so I couldn't listen in advance, I did the first 3, then 4&5, 6&7 and finally 8&9 and the main reason was I didn't have enough faith in my own ability to complete it, duh!!! But its one of those things that each person has to decide which to do for themselves.

  • I planned ahead and KNEW what each run expected of me. I am in week 9 now but if I continue on with a different program I will do the same. Mentally, it prepared me for the challenges. I also visited several of the tags for each week to see what other people experienced.

  • I agree with gdeann, I had to know exactly what was expected of me and downloaded all the podcasts and made a table of all the runs as well as a timetable to complete the whole programme. That way I have a definite end goal as well as specific targets to meet. I guess that's just the way I work and it might not be for anyone but for me, I need a LOT of mental preparation for the tasks ahead and I don't like nasty surprises!!

  • I didn't want to know, I think if I had known I would have given up before I started. It was a challenge for me to get through each week and my 'reward was to find out what the next week had in store for me when I started that week.

  • After the massive hike in time running in week 3 I came on here, found you guys, went back to the original page and found the programme, Laura wasn't catching me like that again. Of course, you can't really join in on here and stay in the dark, there's loads of spoilers all over the place.

  • I like to keep myself in the dark too as I don't want to let myself down by being put off and therefore not completing the course. So far its working well!

  • Oh no, I'm someone who loves planning and having things planned. not knowing is the sort of thing that sends me over the edge!!

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