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Week 6 and sore muscles

Hi all, I'm on week 6 and although I'm coping ok aerobically with the runs, my muscles are finding it tough. The day after a run I'm very stiff with soreness in my hips and pelvis. Had a rest last week but after one run this week am quite sore again. I'm spending lots of time stretching at the end of each session but am overweight so that's probably not helping. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks

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Well done on getting this far. I suppose this is where the real running (or in my case jogging) begins.

I am sore and stiff esp in my knees and I've just finished w8. I seem to be fine whilst running (after the 1st km) but it bothers me all the rest of the time. I am now trying stretches afterwards and I think there is a tiny improvement. Don't really know what to suggest, apart from good stretches before and after your run, plus doing a few on your rest day.


I'm a huge fan of Pilates - It will really help with getting a good stretch and building strength in muscles not used to running. Another option may be to get a regular sports massage.


Maybe you could try taking an extra rest day, so having two days off (or even three) between your runs. You may take a week or two longer overall to complete the programme but it's better to complete each run than keep pushing and find yourself not completing runs or even worse, having to take an extended period off through injury. I took almost 11 weeks to graduate instead of 9 weeks because I took extra rest days if I needed them but I never actually missed a run and never failed to complete a run.


What kind of warm up do you do? Just the walking? I was recommended to warm up my muscles more before starting (and I'm quite overweight too). Less stretching, more movement - so swinging my arms around like bowling and rolling my leg around in the hip joint (if that makes sense!) for example. Just to loosen things up a bit before you get going - might work?

Otherwise - yes good stretching, more rest days and maybe a bit of lower impact exercise - like swimming?


I don't do any stretching whatsoever around my run session, just the walking. I do 5 minutes yoga every morning when I first get up and occasional longer sessions at other times when I can fit it in. So you could perhaps try doing less stretching!

What kind of surface are you running on? It could be the effect of a hard surface, so if you have to option to change, that might help.


Well done on getting to week 6! I too am overweight and have had a similar problem and have found the following have worked for me: stretching before and after a run, not sitting down for at least 20 minutes after a run (I potter about and stand in the kitchen with a cuppa and a banana), showering my shins and calves in cold(ish) water, an Ibuprofen at bedtime if I've done an evening run and feel achy and always at least one rest day between runs.

To start with I was running in a pair of 14 year old trainers and serious aches and pains kicked in at week 3. Following advice on this forum I invested in some proper running shoes and socks.

Lastly, if you're running outside on the pavement, try and avoid uneven ones where you'll have to run with one leg higher than the other.

I'm no expert, this is what's worked for me so I'd always advise to consult your GP if you've got concerns about any aches or pains.

Good luck with the rest of week 6!


Thanks all, some really good ideas here. Definitely going to try more of a warm up than just the walking and doing some strength exercises. Think the point about running on an uneven surface may be one issue. I'm conscious that my gait is affected by my aches and pains so don't want to injure myself. I bought good trainers at the beginning so at least that's one thing I can cross off the list! Good luck everyone :)


I'm on week 4, and I found that I do need to stretch after every run. I do a longer warm up walk before I run, as it takes me 10 minutes to get to level ground - and while I walk I add some arm and shoulder movements. At the start I was following the program and not bothering too much about stretching, just doing the usual quads and calf stretches, but after 2 weeks I realized I do need more or my left hamstring feels too tight.

I have been looking online for yoga flows that can help and found one that suits me well ( note that I am 50 and 3 1/2 stone overweight ... but I have been practicing yoga since my teens) - check the youtube videos on yoga for runners and maybe you can find one that suits you.


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