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Week 2 Run 3 - Well that cleared the head!

Hello all - just completed week 2 run 3 at last. The last week was a bit of disaster with torrential rain putting me off at the beginning of last week and then coming down with a horrible cold. It really was a toss up as to whether to go back to bed this morning as I'm still feeling a bit rough - but off I went and really pleased I did as well. I've certainly cleared a few cobwebs from the head. Hopefully with a days rest tomorrow I'll be ready for week 3 on Wednesday.

Loving the forum by the way - very inspirational reading everyones posts. I've lost 2st 10lbs in the last 6 months or so by eating healthier and walking loads, so am determined to up my game a bit and run! I've still got a fair bit of weight loss to go and haven't quite got over the embarressment factor of being seen out running but may be addicted already :)

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WELCOME TO WEEK 3!!!!! This site will soon become very addictive, just as the feeling of finishing each run! Don't worry about what others think, I am the only huffing and puffing, running grey haired woman on the track! I never thought I would finish C25K and am now down to only 2 more runs to graduate. You are always welcome here and no matter the hour, someone is always available to offer support or advice. :-)


Thanks so much for your kind words gdeann. I went shopping yesterday and have dropped 3 dress sizes so still walking round with a big grin on my face. Rest day today but I'm raring to go tomorrow on week 3 :)


Congratulations, fatmumslim!! You have combined your weight loss with running and now you are unstoppable!! I agree with gdeann about not worrying about what people think when they see you...YOU ARE are improving and that is far more than what many onlookers can say!! She did mislead you on one thing though...she isn't the only huffing and puffing running grey haired woman out there...but she is the HOTTEST one!! (She is my wife!!) Keep are doing great and will be amazed with how quickly you improve!!


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