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Advice on where to slot back in to the plan

Teachnically I should have graduated this week however I've been on holiday and always knew it would be a long shot.

Add in that due to personal / work committments that came up I didn't manage W7R3 or W8 then it was never going to happen.

I did however manage two runs on holiday (both after fairly heavy nights !!) which is something I have NEVER managed to do EVER !! I ran in total for 30 mins but had to stop / start to catch my breath. It was hot and a little more hilly than I am used to. I have managed to end up with a slight tightness in one of my calf muscles but I'm hoping that it isn't too serious.

Must now buckle down and get back in to it, have the Big Fun Run in London early Nov to look forward to - any recommendations as to which week to slot back in to ??

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Hi, ca66ie99. Well done on your commitment to getting the programme finished even though you've had lots of interruptions! and for running on holiday.

As to the plan! : I'm no expert but maybe do one interval run, like W6R2, just to ease yourself back into it, then see how you go with W7R1. Cos really there are 4 x 25 minute runs at that stage to get yourself back on track. If that goes ok you could fast-track yourself to W8R1.

That's just my idea, I bet you haven't lost too much of your hard-won fitness, especially if you have done a few runs in the meantime.

Hope you get on OK and that you'll be graduating soon. Keep blogging!


Hi, I had an unplanned break in a very similar place to you, I was just one run ahead and had completed week, 7 but I wasn't able to do any running for 2 weeks. When I came back to it I put my own music on and thought I'd just see how I went on, I'd done 4 x 25 min runs by that point so 25 mins seemed a reasonable target. I struggled a little towards the end but made it to the 25 mins so after my usual day of rest I moved on to week 8 which I completed successfully, today I tackle week 9. I think as you've managed a couple of runs during your break you should be fine to pick up with a 25 min run or if you feel good while you're running you could even aim for 28 mins, just see how you feel. Hope this helps :)


Thanks for your advice. I ran today and managed 25 mins although not easily, several times I wanted to stop and although I had 28mins in my head it was clear that it was not an option today. Still first 25 min run on the trot for 2 1/2 weeks so its a start.

Going to continue with the 25 min run again but see if I feel any better and if so run to 28mins. Thanks again for your help ;-)


Nice to see you back!

See how long you can run without a break - if you manage 25 minutes comfortably, start week 8. If you manage 25 minutes uncomfortably, start week 7. If you're happier with intervals to ease you back in, start week 6. You'll def get there in the end, just make sure you stay safe while you're doing it!


Managed to run for 25 mins without having to do an interval run. It wasn't easy so I am going to complete another two runs this week, aiming for at least 25 mins then see if I can get to 28mins. Once I can I'll do three 28 min runs and move on to W9. Slowly but surely !! Thanks for your help ;-)


Thanks for your advice guys. Having an extra rest day just to easy the calf which is feeling much better today and will have a go at something tomorrow, see how far I run and go from there.

It is also raining soooo hard and after running in lovely (but hot) sunshine just can't quite get the motivation to get wet - it all starts again tomorrow. Thanks again guys ;-)


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