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Back after about a month - where do I start?


Hello All, so have done anything for about month, went on holiday mid August but somehow hurt my foot walking so was not running until sorted. I was on week 7 before...

So last week Wednesday I decided to just have a go on Treadmill (without the app) and see how i went and managed the 25mins albeit at my slow 7kmph pace, and Monday managed the same but yesterday tried again and whilst pleased managed 18 mins so 7 mins short... Assumes its as recovery / stamina lost.

What should I do? keep trying for where I was until I feel good and complete a few times in a row, go back a week or two?


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Well, you’ve done one 25 and an 18... you’ve not lost much... maybe try 20, 23 and back on your 25s... or find that slower treadmill pace and just start where you were.


Personally I’d go back a week or two and build up gradually. Glad to have you back ! Happy running 😀


Sounds like you are ready to start again from W5r3. As you ease yourself back it is helpful to have some minor successes. Completing W5r3 will set you up for completing W6r1 etc and you'll be back on track before you know it.


Just run...forget speed or distance.. just relax into the Week 7 run..slow, and steady... :)


Thanks all, definitely food for thought...will maybe aim to do week 5 r3 Saturday or Sunday am but if feeling ok try and keep going to get to the 25 mins. Oldfloss - thought I was slow and stady with the 7kmph speed...:-)

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